Vamoos gives your assignees all the information they need to make their big move, and helps your consultants provide a high level of customer service. It is also branded with your company logo for an app that looks your own.

Assignees can expect to find in-depth homesearch details, local information, digital documents, interactive maps, weather forecasts, and local points of interest, all in the app, available offline and accessible on any desktop or mobile device.

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How it works for Assignees

  • Step 1

    All your data from your internal systems

  • Step 2

    Connected up to Vamoos servers

  • Step 3

    Sent out to your customers

    Maximum Number of assignees per Year

  • 200
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 5-10,000
  • 20,000+

    Monthly Cost

  • £200
  • £390
  • £580
  • £870
  • £1,150
  • £1,600
  • POA

    Monthly Cost

  • $260
  • $507
  • $754
  • $1,131
  • $1,495
  • $2,080
  • POA

    Monthly Cost

  • €240
  • €468
  • €696
  • €1,044
  • €1,380
  • €1,920
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • (£12)
  • (£9.36)
  • (£6.96)
  • (£4.18)
  • (£2.76)
  • (£1.92)
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • ($15.60)
  • ($12.17)
  • ($9.05)
  • ($5.43)
  • ($3.59)
  • ($2.50)
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • (€14.40)
  • (€11.23)
  • (€8.35)
  • (€5.01)
  • (€3.31)
  • (€2.30)
  • POA

Customer Story: Relo Japan

For the last 25 years, RELO JAPAN has provided professional and comprehensive relocation support as a Destination Service Provider (DSP) throughout all of Asia. They have created relocation service programs designed to alleviate the burdens of international assignments, so assignees can focus on things that are most important to them.

RELO JAPAN was one of the first DSP’s to have a client-facing information web portal but when Bryce Conlan, President of RELO JAPAN viewed it on a mobile, it did not provide the best experience. He had a dream to take the portal and make it into an app but struggled to find someone to develop this for them. As if by chance, he was introduced to Vamoos through a colleague and immediately thought ‘this could actually be the answer’ to his problem. After viewing a demo, Bryce knew Vamoos was ‘exactly what we wanted’ to ‘get all our content on an app base that can then be used on smartphones and iPads.’ Vamoos was launched in their biggest office in Japan with remaining offices following suit shortly after.

Daniel Wallin, Relocation Division Team Leader, found Vamoos improved the service qualities for assignees. Vamoos provided a ‘new outlet to communicate a lot of information’ and gives assignees everything they need ‘within the palm of their hand.’ In particular, Daniel enjoys being able to provide assignees with key locations and points of interests for when assignees ‘need to find a hospital, somewhere to eat or navigate their way to a supermarket.’ He has also enjoyed now being able to provide translations guides that assignees can ‘access at any time.’

RELO Japan has even used the Documents feature in new exciting ways. Daniel discovered he ‘could create YouTube videos and then use this to explain the lead process or what to do in different types of situations basically making it a custom library.’

Vamoos has also helped staff making it easier to organize relocation processes. Daniel explains how ‘the backend is clean and searchable allowing you to separate, for example, this assignee’s Vamoos account to the person who was handling that case.’ Overall, he has ‘found a lot of success using Vamoos’ and since the introduction of WebVamoos, RELO JAPAN plans to transition from their original web portal to become ‘100% Vamoos.’