Our clients experience the WOW factor the moment they open the app and see all the photos - it brings the experience to life before they have even started the tour.

Henrietta Ferguson Luxury tours, (HF), is an award winning, private luxury tour business who offer their discerning international clientele the most memorable, bespoke tours across Great Britain. The experiences they create include the UK’s most loved landmarks but also lesser known secret locations. Established six years ago, HF is proud to have a team of arguably the best blue badge guides in the country. They also partner with a highly sought after chauffeur firm and have an extended team of guides in France, Spain, Italy and the Netherlands for clients looking to continue their travels to mainland Europe.

It was one of HF’s clients who first suggested the business should provide an app for their tours. Henrietta wanted the app to significantly enhance her clients experience, be easy to use, visually appealing and a continuation of the brand’s luxury heritage and attention to detail. Through thorough research they came across Vamoos.

‘The app adds that extra sparkle to our luxury service. We constantly create intricate itineraries for our clients, so when we send them the app, not only are they reassured that they are in expert hands but they also become more excited about their forthcoming tour with us!’

Working with Vamoos has meant that HF’s clients are able to get more engaged and excited before they have even started their trip, just by having the app on their phone or iPad. ‘Before we started using Vamoos, we would send clients their finalised itinerary after they had booked. We then got in contact with them once or twice before they were due to arrive in the UK. With the app, however, our clients are reminded about their trip and get extremely excited by it.’


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‘My clients have been absolutely bowled over by the app and they enjoy using it. They really love the countdown because it builds anticipation and gets their ‘toes-tapping’. Everybody also loves the flight hub with live alerts, including me, as this allows me to see when my clients are arriving and if there are going to be any delays.’


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The most important aspect of the app for HF is making sure they use stunning imagery. ‘Our clients experience the WOW factor the moment they open the app and see all the photos – it brings the experience to life before they have even started the tour and it really draws them into using the app. This is such good news as we have worked really hard to find beautiful photos that depict the luxurious nature of the tours; we want to make the app look like Vogue magazine. The more we use the system, the more exquisite the images we store in the library and those images are what really captivate our clients imagination.’

Henrietta and her team enjoy using the back end system as each Vamoos itinerary is easy and enjoyable to create. They make sure that the documents’ section is full of the information their clients need including: a digital version of the itinerary incase they lose it, contact details, and local restaurant recommendations.


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Overall, HF are very happy with Vamoos and look forward to further developing their use of the system and all it has to offer.

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