Vamoos is the app for holidays, conferences, training events, weddings and even a day out at the races. Whenever you need documents, maps or other important information Vamoos is the perfect answer. And as well as making sure everyone is organised, it builds anticipation. With Vamoos everyone is looking forward.

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Sign-up and Pricing

Vamoos is currently available for businesses and organisations who want to give their clients a professional and exciting event experience. There are no set-up charges and it can cost as little as £1 per end-user – see specific pricing for travel companies and relocation organisations.

If you’d like to try it, simply contact us and we’ll be happy to get you started. Call us on UK 0203 474 0512, US 213 8086 6027, Poland 0888 055 755  or +44 203 474 0512 from other countries.

Alternatively, click here to register. You get a free trial and so you can start to create a Vamoos app under your own brand for your clients in a few minutes.

About Us

Vamoos is a travel and event app designed so that your customers can have access to all their documents and information on their mobile device even without having a data signal.

Vamoos is a UK registered company that works with event managers and tour operators to provide their customers with the best experience possible on mobile and tablet before, during and after their trips.

Call us on UK 0203 474 0512,  US 347-848-1022, Poland 0888 055 755 or email info@vamoos.com

Address: Vamoos Ltd, 2 Eastbourne Terrace, London W2 6LG, UK

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