The fact that it enhances the experience for the client makes it really worthwhile.

Family-owned and run tour operator Turquoise Holidays organise high-end holidays and honeymoons. So they wanted to give their clients a post-booking journey that would match the quality of their luxury trips.

For Operations Exec Bella Roche, the Vamoos app has boosted the journey for clients in that period between booking their trip and their departure date. And even better, it’s done that whilst actually removing a number of steps they were previously taking – like telling the consultant team to get in touch with the clients. Now, the team can update everything on the app, and clients can see everything on the app – it’s a win win!

Watch our conversation with Bella in the 2 min video below, or read on for a summary.




A better post-booking journey

It was important for clients to always feel like they had a close point of contact with their holiday and the company.

Vamoos enabled them to enhance that post-booking journey. Not only were clients able to quickly and easily message Turquoise from within the app, but they also always had something to look at – from the countdown and itinerary to the maps and weather for where they were going, they could see it all on their phones.

And they get all that just 2 days after confirming everything with their consultant.


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The features are useful AND exciting

When it comes to getting feedback from clients, there are two features that stand out as clear favourites.

The countdown feature gets clients excited for their departure date – particularly as its displayed in days, not weeks or months.

And the messaging feature is both useful and fun for clients. Turquoise get requests come through about everything, from requests to change seats on the airplane, to booking restaurants and spa treatments – which of course can all be explored within the app too. It’s not just functional – they also hear from “clients just being excited for their holidays” Bella explains, “you know they say – ‘We’re on our way to the airport, we’re excited’ – which is lovely”.


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Cutting out the middleman

Ultimately, Vamoos lets Turquoise keep in contact with clients without the need for a middleman. Rather than asking their consultants to notify clients of each and every change to the itinerary, the Operations team can make the change on the app, which will update for the clients in real time. They’ll then send a notification if they want to notify clients of the changes, so it really couldn’t be easier.


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