Vamoos gives your delegates all the information they need for your event or conference all in one place, in a fully branded app with your logo. The app is full of all the information attendees need including timings, agenda, location, and much more.

Providing all of this information digitally enables organisers to change the information whenever necessary, which is automatically reflected in the app. You can also upload presentations, request feedback, and encourage sign ups for your other events directly through Vamoos.

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How it works for Event attendees

  • Step 1

    All your data from your internal systems

  • Step 2

    Connected up to Vamoos servers

  • Step 3

    Sent out to your attendees

    Maximum Number of Attendees per Year

  • 200
  • 500
  • 1,000
  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 5-10,000
  • 20,000+

    Monthly Cost

  • £200
  • £390
  • £580
  • £870
  • £1,150
  • £1,600
  • POA

    Monthly Cost

  • $260
  • $507
  • $754
  • $1,131
  • $1,495
  • $2,080
  • POA

    Monthly Cost

  • €240
  • €468
  • €696
  • €1,044
  • €1,380
  • €1,920
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • (£12)
  • (£9.36)
  • (£6.96)
  • (£4.18)
  • (£2.76)
  • (£1.92)
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • ($15.60)
  • ($12.17)
  • ($9.05)
  • ($5.43)
  • ($3.59)
  • ($2.50)
  • POA

    (Equivalent cost per Attendee)

  • (€14.40)
  • (€11.23)
  • (€8.35)
  • (€5.01)
  • (€3.31)
  • (€2.30)
  • POA

Customer Story: ABTA

‘The sustainability, paperless aspect of Vamoos was key, but it was also important for us to get a great travel product in front of our Members that they could use with their customers’.

ABTA, the leading travel association in the UK, has around 1200 members in total, including some of the larger companies delivering travel in the UK, such as TUI, Jet2 Holidays, Royal Caribbean, and Carnival.

ABTA runs a program of around 65 events each year, which include: seminars, training, and conferences. They’re all specific for the travel industry and cover practical business issues - anything from regulations to travel trends to crisis management.

The Vamoos app was recommended to the events team at ABTA after an ABTA Director used it for another event. A trial of Vamoos was therefore done at ABTA’s Adventure Conference in November 2019, which was a success. Alice, Head of Events and Partnerships at ABTA, commented ‘[the app] worked really well for the event. We really liked the simplicity of it - the fact you can add everything into the app so easily, especially being able to upload and change information right up to the last minute, as well as having real time information on there.’

When asked how people responded to the app, Alice said ‘Feedback from the internal team who had been involved in creating the Vamoos for the event was positive, and our delegates gave good feedback too. As Vamoos is supported on any smartphone, it enabled all attendees to get hold of delegate lists, speaker information, agendas, and all other information they needed for the event, and it was simple for my team to upload all of this.’

This is the first event that ABTA had used technology to provide all information digitally, without printing anything out. ‘We made quite a big thing about communicating the sustainability angle for using the app, making sure delegates knew we were going paperless to be more environmentally friendly, and it was very well received.’

Following on from this trial, ABTA made the decision to use Vamoos for many of their future events. ‘We’re excited to use Vamoos going forward and exploring the full functionality of the technology. Being more sustainable is the key reason we want to use it. We like the simplicity of it, but it was also important for us to get a good product in front of the travel industry and in front of our Members that they could use themselves‘