Vamoos has been perfect ... Honestly, we’ve used it for every single one of our trips.

The clue to what The Bucket List Company offer is in their name. Their Marketing Coordinator Tom Stevens explains, “We take them out and give them the trip of a lifetime … something that they’ve always been aspiring to do”. For clients, the excitement is high – but it means a lot of behind-the-scenes work for the Bucket List Company, who need to provide information and questions to their excitable travellers.


They’d been searching for a solution that would let them fulfill those client queries whilst maintaining excitement before, during and after the trip. We sat down with Tom to discuss why Vamoos has been the “perfect” solution.



Clients have everything they need, for every single trip

As Tom explains, clients “want to know everything about the trip as soon as they go out there … and Vamoos has been perfect”. They use the documents section of the app particularly intensely, to make sure their clients are as prepared as they can be for trips – from kit lists, to info about locations, which they also share using the maps and points of interest features. It’s all about getting clients as prepared as possible for the adventure ahead.


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The best part? The app works for all of the trip types they have on offer, from trekking, to scuba diving, and beyond: “Honestly, we’ve used it for every single one of our trips”.


An experience clients rave about in their own time

It’s a testament to how comprehensive Bucket List’s app is that their clients have now taken to referring to it to each other for information. When questions about trips arise in messaging groups, fellow travellers will point them in the direction of the app’s itinerary or documents section, which almost always hold the answers.

The app gets mentioned after the trip too. As Tom explains, “They always talk about Vamoos and how it’s such an easy system to use”.


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Precious time to focus on other priorities

As Tom knows, it’s not all about the clients. As a small team, trying to get all the information to everybody on a day-to-day basis can be difficult when done manually, Tom explains, especially when there are queries to respond to on top of that.

Vamoos makes that easy, giving the Bucket List team time back to focus on other things and add even more value to their clients.


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