'These guys are all top architects in IT and they all absolutely love the app'.

The Vantage Point Group is a full-service event management agency that specialises in incentive travel programmes, mainly for IT companies. This means their clients have higher expectations than ordinary tech-savvy travellers. And they can see right through any app that’s not up to scratch.

Since partnering with Vamoos, Rupert, Director at The Vantage Point Group, has found his digital offering has more than met the demands of his IT guru clients. He says ‘We haven’t had a single client who’s gone: ‘I don’t want it’, so now we include it in every event.’ Which we think is a pretty good sign. 

From transformative live maps and flight information to increased social engagement, Vamoos has had a host of benefits for Rupert and his team. Click play or read on below to get the full scoop.



Replace paper guides with real-time Maps that clients love

Before Vamoos, The Vantage Point Group would send clients a printed information pack. It was mostly standard stuff, but they also included a  laminated 'get out of jail free' card - a card that has the name and address of their hotel and the number of a local taxi firm. Now, Vamoos has replaced this pack completely.

Instead of reaching for their 'get out of jail free' card, clients simply open the Vamoos App and get live directions to their accommodation from wherever they are in seconds. If it's too far to walk, contact and travel information are just a few swipes away. To quote Rupert, Maps has 'just been amazing.'


Save time on updating clients with live Flights information sent directly to their phone

As well as saving them boat-loads of paper, Rupert says Vamoos is saving his travel consultants some serious time, too. 'The Flights section is incredibly useful', says Rupert. Having to manually reach out to every person in a group to make them aware of flight changes can really add up. Now they all get an instant notification as soon as anything changes, without Rupert's team lifting a finger.


Keep clients engaged on-trip with Posts 

Rupert says his clients actually didn't use Vamoos' Posts feature initially. They would use WhatsApp instead, as it's what they were used to. But once they realised they could share messages and photos in the same app that has all their travel info, they loved it. 

With Posts, clients can switch from sharing stories about their trip to browsing their itinerary for the next day in just a few taps. And when their trip is over, they have a feed of comments and photos that they can look back on whenever they like. They can even transform the Posts section into a stunning photo book right from the app. 


Stay ahead of the competition with a highly-personalised digital service 

Before Rupert discovered Vamoos, he was asking himself: 'How do we remain special in our industry when it's got so competitive?'.  The answer was ensuring that the high degree of personalisation Rupert offered his clients came through digitally.

'These customisations keep us ahead', says Rupert. He even tells of one client who said they wanted to change the way we do an event to make it less 'managed', and they wanted the app to play a bigger role to help pull it off. 

When we asked Rupert for his closing thoughts on Vamoos, he said 'It's getting better and better'.  We'd happily agree with that. 


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