• Documents


    Upload all important PDFs or URLs for your clients to access anywhere at anytime

    • Include boarding passes, confirmations, reservation details and anything else your clients need
    • No need to print out documents or resend updated information in emails
    • Add in nice to haves such as local historical information, good hiking routes and restaurant menus
  • Flight Alerts

    Flight Alerts

    Notifications sent to give the latest flight information

    • Pre-flight messages to ensure travellers have correct details
    • Confirmation if everything is running to schedule on the day of travel
    • Notifications for all important changes and latest information shown in the Flight Hub
  • Customisable Mapping

    Customisable Mapping

    Interactive maps so your clients always know where they need to be, even when they’re offline

    • Points on the map to show each location your clients will be visiting with URLs or PDFs attached for additional information
    • Driving directions from one location to the next, so your clients can get from A to B hassle free
    • Maps can be downloaded before a trip has begun so they can be used without an internet connection
  • Points of Interest

    Points of Interest

    Use your local knowledge to provide clients with points of interest for their trip

    • Create points of interest for beaches, bars, restaurants, parks, and whatever else you recommend in the local area
    • As these will come personally recommended by you, they are perfect for your clients to visit when they have a spare afternoon
    • Add these to the interactive maps, and once they have been created they are automatically included for all your Vamoos itineraries
  • Notification System

    Notification and Messaging System

    Based on time or location, use notifications to contact your clients whereever they are

    • Create pre-set notifications to send depending on time or geographical location - e.g. when they are close to a point of interest
    • Use instant notifications to let your clients know when you have updated their documents
    • Send a message to encourage clients to book their next trip through Inspirations when they return home
  • Itinerary Builder

    Itinerary Builder

    Generate branded and professional looking itineraries with the Vamoos Creations tool

    • Create PDF itineraries with the exact same look and feel of the app in one click
    • Include your company logo and contact details and use in conjunction with InstantView to encourage bookings
    • Email the itineraries as attachments, print out, or upload to the documents section of the app to share with your clients
  • Messaging


    Help clients communicate with you and your team whenever they need

    • Engage directly with clients from the minute they book
    • Encourage them to pre-book excursions, tours, and experiences to maximise your revenue
    • Send general messages to all app users at once
  • Online Quotation Tool

    Online Quotation Tool

    View a desktop version of the app on any web browser to show trip information and quotes

    • Share the URL with potential clients to show trip information at the quote stage
    • No login details are required so this information can be shared easily with multiple users
    • Includes all app information except the documents
  • Inspirations


    Advertise your other trip packages directly through the app for increased repeat business

    • Keep the app updated with all your trip options so your clients can browse at their own leisure like a digital brochure
    • Send timed push notifications to your client when they return from their trip to encourage them to make another booking
    • A ‘contact us’ button means your clients can speak to you in seconds to discuss booking their next trip
  • Flight Hub

    Flight Hub

    Flight information available on your client’s phone even when offline

    • Shows destination timings and flight numbers
    • Automatically updated to show time changes, gate numbers and baggage reclaim information
    • Flight Alerts are sent as push notifications when information changes
  • Feedback


    Keep track of how you are performing and how your clients rate your service

    • Add a feedback link to the documents section to get this information directly through the app
    • Constantly improve your service depending on customer experience
    • Remind your clients to give their feedback at the end of their trip using push notifications
  • Customisable Weather

    Customisable Weather

    Clients will receive up to date weather forecasts for each location they visit

    • Before packing, clients can see what the weather forecast is like in each of the locations they will visit
    • They can view up to 5 days in the future for each location
    • Ability to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius
  • Countdown


    Build excitement for your clients before their trip starts

    • Provide your clients with download information and login details as soon as they have booked their trip to build excitement
    • The app shows an automatic countdown on the home screen ticking down to the when the trip starts
    • An exciting image to share with friends and family on social media which contains your company branding
  • Branded Phone and Web App

    Branded Phone and Web App

    Keep your brand front of mind for your clients

    • Your logo on the Vamoos home screen will be seen by all your clients on a regular basis
    • Brand your professional looking itineraries which can be emailed or printed
    • You can also create your own version of Vamoos to get your company icon in the App Store and Google Play Store and on your clients mobile devices
  • Driving Directions

    Driving Directions

    Get from A to B with in app map directions

    • Provides live up to date traffic information
    • Know what time you're going to arrive at your destination
    • Report problems along the way to warn other drivers
  • Trip Summary

    Trip Summary

    View your entire trip in one quick swipe

    • 1 screen to show a daily breakdown of the full trip
    • Click on any day to get more detailed information about the itinerary
  • Posts


    Clients can use the digital diary to share pictures and comments with friends and family

    • Share content with the rest of your group through the posts section
    • Use it as a way of communicating with large groups logged into the same Vamoos
    • Share your memories with friends and family on social media straight from the posts section
  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Every part of the Vamoos app can be shared with your clients social network

    • Clients can share images of their trips directly to any of their social media accounts
    • An opportunity for them to share your company by ensuring the app has your branding
    • A source of free promotion for your company with the use of @ mentions and hashtags
  • The List

    The List

    Make local, recommended points of interest easy to find and explore

    • A list on the home screen of all local points of interest
    • Descriptions with images, URLs, or PDFs displayed in the maps
    • The list can be sorted based on distance from any particular location
  • Your Own App

    Your Own App

    We will build your company a custom app, enhancing your reputation as a premium brand

    • Available in both the App Store and Google Play Store
    • Enhances your reputation as a premium brand
    • Promote your own app through campaigns and on your website
  • WebVamoos


    Access all Vamoos app content on any internet browser

    • Clients can use the same login details as the app to access and print all of their trip information
    • Access this bespoke content from any internet browser with a connection
    • Perfect for clients who do not have or wish to use their smartphone during their trip
  • StoryBoard


    Split out your client's itinerary day by day so they can get all information in an easy to consume way

    • Breakdown the trip for your clients so they know where they need to be when
    • Link each day out to a specific location or document that your client will need on that day
    • For villa or resort-based trips, the StoryBoard can be used to show the range of activities and facilities in the area
  • Offline Functionality

    Offline Functionality

    Clients no longer need to worry about data roaming or connecting to local WiFi

    • All app content can be accessed and viewed offline
    • No need for clients to worry about low data or having to pay for roaming
    • Offline documents means key travel information is always readily available
  • API Back-Office Integration

    API Back-Office Integration

    Connect your internal systems to the Vamoos server for quicker itinerary building

    • Integrate your customer data, itineraries, flights, bookings, and much more to our servers
    • Push this information directly into the app so you don’t have to add it in manually
    • Create large numbers of Vamoos itineraries in minutes
  • Vamoos Connect

    Vamoos Connect

    Transform the client experience with inspiring itineraries and detailed, interactive accommodation guides. Effortlessly and at no cost.

    • Have the latest hotel imagery, room guides and extras
    • Save time - all you have to do is drag and drop it into your itineraries
    • Enhance service level to secure bookings away from DIY and OTAs
  • Multilingual


    Give your clients trip information in their native language to make it personal

    • Create a seamless single-language experience, from the itinerary you enter, to the app details themselves
    • Have all menus, icons and app details visible in clients' language of choice
    • Vamoos is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian (other languages on request)
  • GPX Tracks

    GPX Tracks

    Give your clients GPX tracks of destinations you’ll be taking them

    • Map out the full route and daily excursions clients will be making during their trip
    • Help clients to visualise their adventures before they’ve even got to the airport
    • Add points of interest along the way to showcase your local knowledge