It's a surprise and delight - it's not something they're necessarily expecting and then when they book they get this lovely shiny app and they really love it.

It’s all very well keeping clients excited about quick getaway trips when there are just a few weeks or months between their booking and boarding dates. But what about when it’s a year – or more?

For travel companies and tour operators organising once-in-a-lifetime or challenge-based trips, this can pose a problem. Suppose a client books with you to climb Everest in 18 months – how do you keep them engaged and offer them a service that’ll have them recommending you to friends and family?

We spoke to EverTrek’s Project Manager Fi Hawthorn, who says the Vamoos app has allowed them to surprise and delight their clients, and engage with them throughout their entire journey with EverTrek.



The countdown timer is a client favourite

Many of our partners have found the Vamoos countdown feature to be a hit with clients – and it was no different for EverTrek. As Fi explains, when clients are waiting a year or more for that trip of a lifetime, having a visual reminder of how many days’ training and preparation is left to go keeps them motivated and excited.


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The popularity of the feature has wider implications too. It’s designed to be easily shared on social media – and as Fi says, they get queries from clients’ friends and family: ‘How do I get one of those personalised countdown calendars?’, to which they respond: “Well, book on with us and you’ll get one!”



Itineraries are brought to life by adding EverTrek’s personality

EverTrek’s Everest itineraries are exciting on their own – striking imagery of the Himalayas is coupled with rousing descriptions of each day’s hike to really paint a picture of the adventure clients will be embarking on.

Taking it one step further, they’ve linked the app page for each day’s itinerary to a video from CEO Andy Moore, walking clients through the hike in more detail. As Fi says, “There’s something really nice about having someone who’s been there and done it take you through exactly what’s going to happen”.

It’s all about adding those personal touchpoints to excite – and also reassure! – your clients.



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Everything they need is in one place

And of course, the beauty of the Vamoos app is that everything clients need – bar the trekking poles and required physical fitness! – is all in one place. When the lead time is a year or more, clients are likely to forget where to find the boarding passes you’ve emailed them, the kit lists on your website or the itinerary in that pack you sent them. But when it’s all in one place, it’s easy for them to find whatever they need from you, meaning they can focus on the hard part – the training!


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