A lot of times, my clients don't read everything ... With Vamoos they can pull out their phone or their iPad and call it up and be able to see it along the way while they're on their trip.

Why do you spend hours creating beautiful PDFs when clients simply aren’t reading them?

Infinite Safari Adventures Owner & Founder Alan Feldstein discovered exactly this – clients just weren’t pre-reading the pdf guide he had painstakingly prepared for them, and certainly weren’t fishing it out their bags once on safari. 

For Alan, Vamoos was the solution. “It fit and checked all the boxes”. And luckily, his clients agree – he estimates 99% of his clients respond with positive feedback immediately after downloading. This makes his life simple – two weeks before a trip, he simply sends his clients an instructive email titled “Let’s Vamoos”, with an explanation of the app and instructions on how to download, and they’re off.

Things are simpler once clients are on safari, too. Where clients would previously have called up Alan’s team to ask questions – again, preferring not to rifle through dog-eared sheets of paper stuffed at the bottom of suitcases – they now had an easier solution. “Now they can first consult Vamoos to see if their question is answered for them there. And usually, it is”.

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