The feedback we get from clients is excellent... The app is right up there as a key part of their holiday experience.

‘Discover a different side of Spain’ – that’s what travel company Casas Cantabricas promise their clients. And even after more than 25 years in the business, they’re always looking for new ways to fulfil that promise. That’s why they’ve turned to Vamoos.

Now they’ve brought their decades of experience into the 21st century, offering clients the type of holistic digital solution they’ve come to expect from services they use in other parts of their life. Not only are they using less paper to deliver better service, but they’re actually saving time and money through a boost in efficiency, too. 




Showcase your expertise while creating excitement with StoryBoards

“One of the biggest value points of Vamoos”, says Andy McCulloch, general manager of Casas Cantabricas, “is it gets you off on a good footing straight away.” 

With Vamoos, you not only prove your expertise, professionalism, and commitment to your clients from the get-go, but you also give them something to get excited about the moment they book. Building your itineraries with Vamoos StoryBoards means that clients are greeted with a stunning visual representation of their trip, as well as all the information they’ll ever need. 


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Cut out paper and create memorable experiences with less time

Paper, for many reasons, should quite literally be yesterday’s news. As Andy points out, providing clients with a whole stack of it can make for a pick ‘n’ mix, chaotic trip plan. That’s bad for you and bad for the client. Plus, printing, packing, and sending paper, takes time, effort, and money. 

And after going to all that effort, chances are your paper printouts are going to languish in the bottom of a bag, or worse, be lost within days of being received. 

With Vamoos, it’s a different story. Everything is uploaded in seconds and just a tap away, even offline, and visually stunning. Since signing up, Casas Cantabricas has “gained great efficiency” on both sides of the consultant-client divide.


Delight travellers by exceeding their digital expectations 

It’s not just travel companies that find paper annoying, clients do too. They want digital solutions, just like they get in every other area of their lives. Want some proof? How about the fact that 99 percent of Casas Cantabricas’s clients take up the opportunity to use Vamoos? 

“And even the one percent who ask for paper,” says Andy, “they’ve also got the app.” Simply put, there’s no escaping the move to digital. The travel industry has been slower than others to embrace tech, but, with the relentless rise of OTAs, now’s the time to seriously upgrade your presence online. 


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Bring trips to life and build your brand from the moment they book

When clients have everything they need in the palm of their hands, it makes their trip better. As soon as they’ve booked, they can start exploring; and they always have key info to hand when needed.

“It’s right up there as a key part of their holiday experience,” says Andy. “And more and more lately, at the booking stage … [clients] are bowled over by it.” And if you can impress your clients when they’ve just handed you a stack of cash, imagine how blown away they’ll be when they get on the actual trip. 


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So if you want to start wowing clients at every step from booking to boarding to beaching, schedule a demo call today. Or kick things off without waiting by starting your free trial now. 


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