• We want our reservation/booking systems to work with Vamoos – is that possible?

Yes it is! We have full API’s running on Vamoos so that you can connect your internal reservation or booking system. A number of our customers are using this which means their Vamoos itineraries are able to automatically populate Vamoos from their internal reservation systems.


    • We like Vamoos but what if we don’t have enough people in our team to build them?

This might seem like it could be a problem for smaller businesses, but with Vamoos, you are not actually creating anything more than you are already doing (tickets, itineraries etc.) – you are just uploading them to our systems which takes a couple of seconds. We have put lots of time saving tricks into the system that means a typical booking should take minutes to create. It also allows you to create branded itineraries within Vamoos using our Creations feature.


    • How can I justify the cost?

We have research to show that Vamoos can save you money in the long run and generate additional income (see our ROI calculator) through the inspirations feature. But operators buy into Vamoos because of its ability to provide an outstanding customer service, so if you are serious about this then you should consider Vamoos on that basis alone.


    • What if we only send out a few trips per year/our trips are seasonal?

This may be the case for some companies, but we have found that travellers like to use Vamoos long before and long after their actual holiday. A great example of this is some of our Ski Tour Operators, who only send people away for 4 months of the year, but they use Vamoos all year round sending trip information and inspiration to their clients.


    • Do you have a desktop version of the app?

We do! Any Vamoos itinerary is available on our desktop version (WebVamoos) as well as smartphones and tablets. The web based version has all the information provided in the app, and is really handy to send to clients who may not own mobile device.


    • What happens if my client loses their mobile device?

If this happens, then they of course will not have access to the app, but they would be in the same situation if they lost their documentation too! They have a few options here: they can access their full itinerary on someone else’s device, or they can access their full itinerary through our desktop version WebVamoos.


    • What support will be available to me and my team?

When you decide to become a Vamoos client, you will be allocated a Dedicated Account Manager who will support you every step of the way. You can set up unlimited training sessions with your DAM, and they will be in regular contact to make sure you are using the system to it’s full potential, and will always notify you about updates or changes to the system.


    • What if trip details change but my client is already away?

This is not a problem. You can update your clients information at anytime, and as long as they are connected to the mobile network or WiFi, they will automatically receive this update. You can even send them a push notification to inform them of the changes you have made.


    • My clients are going to have limited access to WiFi – is this a problem?

Not at all! All information in the Vamoos app is available completely offline, so it doesn’t matter where in the world they are, they will always have that information available to them.


    • Can I provide my own content on the app?

You probably already provide suggestions for local amenities, so you can put these straight into the app in our Points of Interest feature. Once you have put these into your account, you can decide whether you want to show your clients these POIs on an itinerary by itinerary basis.


    • What do I need to consider before getting an app?

If you’re unsure about whether you should get an app to enhance your customer experience, check out our blog post.