• Messaging


    Help guests communicate with your staff whenever they need

    • Engage directly with guests from the minute they book
    • Encourage them to pre-book excursions, treatments, and meals to maximise your revenue
    • Send general messages to all app users at once
  • Vamoos Connect

    Vamoos Connect

    Connect to the best luxury tour operators and travel agents

    • Set up your free profile
    • Get instant access to hundreds of travel companies
    • Drive your bookings with no additional cost
  • Directory


    Guests can navigate our easy-to-use search function to get all the information they need

    • No more tatty out-of-date “room guides” - your guests will have access to all of this on their mobile device
    • Include imagery, sub-directories, and even videos to make your guest’s stay as smooth and informed as possible
    • Reduce the number of trivial questions and queries you have to answer by providing all of this information on the app
  • Direct Bookings

    Direct Bookings

    Encourage your guests to take certain actions with booking buttons throughout the app

    • Link to your online booking engine
    • Take guest bookings which go directly through you
    • Ensures guests are only ever a click away from booking another stay with you
  • Gallery


    A complete gallery of images of your property and all it has to offer

    • Beautiful photos get guests excited about their rooms and facilities before they arrive
    • Showcase your restaurants, bars, spas, event space, and menus through the app
    • Encourage pre-booking of activities in the gallery
  • Vouchers and Recommendations

    Vouchers and Recommendations

    Display local promotions exclusively for your guests

    • Help your local partners promote the best activities in your area
    • Update these offers as and when they become available or expire
    • Don't forget to include any in-house offers to maximise upsell
  • Notifications


    Send notifications to your guests whenever you like

    • Set up timed notifications such as when happy hour starts, or when there is live music
    • Send ad hoc notifications to inform your guests of time sensitive events
    • Notify guests when information has updated on the app, such as when you have loaded new photos
  • POI list

    POI list

    Use your local knowledge to provide guests with recommendations

    • Your guests can rely on you for the best recommended points of interest
    • Add your favourite bars, restaurants, parks, and whatever else you can recommend in the local area
    • Add these points of interest to the interactive maps, and allow your guests to access them even if they are offline
  • Vamoos VIP Service

    Vamoos VIP Service

    Provide even more for those special guests and events

    • Enhance your guest experiences even more by using Vamoos VIP to provide a concierge service for your special guests and events
    • Over 25 features including: a document folder, flight info and alerts, a diary for their stay, and a full day by day itinerary
    • Make all their trip information available anytime, anywhere, all available offline
  • Daily Activities

    Daily Activities

    Advertise all the activities you have to offer your guests

    • No need to rely on notice boards or staff to promote the charged and free activities you offer
    • Saves time for both the guest and the property staff as all the information is available 24/7
    • Make it the first thing a guest checks each morning when they are staying with you
  • Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb

    Communicate with your guests through their mobile device

    • Allow your guests to set a ‘DO NOT DISTURB’ status through the app
    • This can be set at all hours of the day without a tatty door-hanger
    • No need to speak to a member of staff directly
  • Logo and intro text

    Logo and intro text

    Always have your branding on the homepage of your app

    • Stay front of mind for all your guests by promoting your brand throughout the app
    • Introduce yourself to your guests and promote all the great features you have to offer
    • Your app will be shown to friends and family of your guests before they even arrive - doing your marketing job for you
  • Countdown


    Build excitement for your guests before they have even checked in

    • As soon as guests open the app, they can activate a countdown to their visit and let the excitement build
    • The first image they see each time they open Vamoos is a beautiful shot of your property
    • The countdown screen links them to all other parts of the app
  • Maps


    Interactive maps so your guests always know where they need to be, even when they’re offline

    • The maps show your location and the points of interest, with no internet connection needed
    • Tap on a point of interest to show a photo and a personalised description
    • Driving directions from one location to the next, so your guests can get from A to B hassle free
  • Basic info

    Basic info

    House all of your important contact information and links within the app

    • Make yourselves contactable anytime with the click of a button
    • Add in links for ‘need to know’ documents or important guest information
    • Let guests find the information they need in their own time, all available offline
  • Weather


    Guests are able to see the weather forcast for your property area

    • Before packing, guests can see what weather they can expect up to 5 days in the future
    • Ability to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius
    • Weather forecasts can also be added for other locations like local points of interest
  • Social links

    Social links

    Promote your social media channels through the app

    • Encourage guests to share pictures of your property and the exceptional service you provide on social media
    • Create a hashtag that you can use to promote your guest reviews online
    • Share guest posts to your own social channels
  • Inspirations


    Promote your other properties or activities through the app

    • Encourage repeat bookings by showcasing your other properties through the app
    • Use it as a digital brochure for special promotions they can book, or activities they could get involved in
    • Allows guests to contact you directly through the app to book again
  • Publisher for room guide

    Publisher for room guide

    Puts your room directory into a printable version to share with guests

    • The info on your app can be printed to produce an up-to-date room guide
    • Consistent branding and professional looking collateral
    • Include maps and points of interest
  • Your Own App

    Your Own App

    We will build your company a custom app, enhancing your reputation as a premium brand

    • Available in both the App Store and Google Play Store
    • Enhances your reputation as a premium brand
    • Promote your own app through campaigns and on your website
  • Multilingual


    Give guests your hotel app in their native language to make it personal

    • Have all directories, hotel information and app details visible in clients' language of choice
    • Create a seamless single-language experience
    • Vamoos is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian (other languages on request)
  • GPX Tracks

    GPX Tracks

    Give guests GPX tracks of local activities

    • Map out local trails, routes or self-guided tours in the surrounding area
    • Allow guests to visualise their day’s adventures before they’ve left the breakfast buffet
    • Add points of interest along the way to showcase your local knowledge