The average age of our clientele is 50 - 80... I gotta say it's like 98% have smartphones and can figure it out.

Gone are the days of physical folders and disconnected guests. American Classic Tours has leveraged Vamoos’ Posts feature to create a digital community that lives and breathes through each guest’s experience. It’s not just about information; it’s about connection.





From physical folders to digital


In the changing world of travel, American Classic Tours combines exploration and connection through travel technology. Kirsten Jung, Director of Tour Design at American Classic Tours, highlighted:


“What we used to do was, give everyone in our tour a folder so they’d have their itinerary and maps printouts that we needed to hand them.”


But let’s face it—those folders were often forgotten about or glanced at once and then ignored. The challenge was clear: how to keep clients informed and connected in an engaging way?


PDFs are 30 Years Old: Why Are You Still Using Them?




Introducing Vamoos’ posts feature


Classic American Tours joined Vamoos in 2021 and since have stepped up their client engagement with the Posts feature. Now, guests can send updates and info about their trip straight to each others’ mobile devices. They can share photos of that jaw-dropping sunset or the mouthwatering local dish they just tried. These individual posts spark conversations and cultivate a sense of community among travellers.




Community building in real-time


Kirsten Jung, Director of Tour Design at American Classic Tours, describes the transformation:


“The Posts feature is used in two ways by our clients: by the Tour Director to post group photos and send quick notifications to the group and by guests who take pictures when they may or may not be with the group. The picture they have uploaded becomes a ‘conversation starter’ at dinner that night as other guests know who posted the photo. The Posts function creates a sense of community among the guests.”


The Posts feature is simple yet profound. It’s not just about instant updates or uploading pictures to the platform. It’s about weaving a fabric of community, transcending the digital divide, fostering real-time interactions, and nurturing a sense of shared experiences.



Older travellers are tech savvy


“The average age of our clientele is 50 – 80… I gotta say it’s like 98% have smartphones and can figure it out.”

One notable aspect of American Classic Tours’ clientele is its age demographic. The average age of guests on these tours ranges from 50 to 80. Their clientele found the Posts feature particularly appealing, as it allows them to engage with other members of their tour group. Contrary to the stereotype that older individuals are less tech-savvy, American Classic Tours has found that its 98% of their clientele readily adopts and enjoys the convenience and community-building aspects of travel tech.




Why Vamoos?


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