Vamoos allows us to be in contact with each and every one of our clients before, during, and after their trip.

GolfTraveller delivers premium golf travel experiences globally to a premium network of global golfers and B2B partners. They deliver end-to-end solutions, from initial concept, through to delivery, and after sale service when needed. The company was formed in 2016, and they enable their clients to travel to the most unique and beautiful places in the world.

Euan Gillon, one of the co-founders, first heard about Vamoos right in its infancy, and has followed it’s progress over the years. As technology in the travel industry evolved and GT clients became more tech-savvy, they made the decision in early 2019 to become a client. 

Since being set up with the system, Mark, Sales and Operations Manager at GT, has said that they have had very positive feedback from their clients. ”One of the things that has been really helpful is that we regularly deal with larger groups and events, and in the past we’d typically only have contact with the group leader. Vamoos however has opened up an avenue which gives us the ability to connect with all members of the group from day 1. This means we have contact with each and every one of our clients before, during, and after their trip.”


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The Vamoos features work really well for their clients. “We have found our travellers really value the day to day itinerary more than anything – being able to jump on their phone at any point and see how their day is panning out rather than referring to paper documents. They have all the information about the golf courses as we can link each to their websites in the app, so it’s just extremely helpful, and clients are really happy to have all of this in their pocket.”

One of the bigger challenges GT have experienced is delivering a lot of their content in different languages. The latest app update however means that Vamoos itineraries are more customisable than ever before, so Mark and the team are able to deliver itineraries in their clients first language. 

Working with the system internally has also been straight forward for the team too. “Vamoos isn’t time consuming, it’s a good use of our time for the output, which is a great customer experience. Our dedicated account manager has been absolutely wonderful in supporting us and running through how to use the app.”


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