If there are last-minute changes... we can just force the update on Vamoos... send them a wee little message, chaps, it's all updated and bingo, it's done.

Venatours knows a great itinerary is the backbone of any successful sports tour. But with all the moving parts –  from flight details and venue changes to organising large groups of excited fans –  the planning process can feel overwhelming. They wanted a solution that would not only ditch paper but would also give their clients an unforgettable travel experience.  Before Vamoos, planning each trip was a logistical headache – a constant whirlwind of paperwork and scramble to handle last-minute updates.





Tackling the challenges of paperwork, updates, and large groups


“We used to give schools a great big folder… now we simply upload them onto the app and away they go,” explains Ian Barton of Venatours. Those bulky folders were like carrying around a clunky brick phone in today’s world of smartphones. Constantly updating them for every group or dealing with inevitable last-minute changes was a constant headache.


Venatours ditched paper trails thanks to Vamoos. Now, clients always have the latest itinerary, flight details, and essential documents right on their phones, ensuring a smoother, more organised travel experience.


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Elevating efficiency from paper to digital


For Venatours, organising successful sports tours – whether for teams of competitive youngsters or crowds of devoted fans –  means juggling endless details. Anyone who’s planned a group trip knows how quickly things can turn chaotic.


Vamoos was a game-changer. Instead of piles of paper itineraries, Venatours now creates a single digital hub for even their largest groups (up to 100 passengers!). Updates, flight changes, important documents – everything is managed right in the app. This has saved them stacks of paperwork and endless headaches. Now, even those dreaded last-minute adjustments are a breeze.


“If there are last-minute changes… we can just force the update on Vamoos… send them a wee little message, chaps, it’s all updated and bingo, it’s done.”


Venatours also leverages Vamoos’ customisable maps functionality, adding venue details, local points of interest, and other helpful information.  It’s more than just logistics – they’re building a richer, more personalised travel experience for their clients.


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A modern, streamlined sports travel experience


Vamoos was more than just a new piece of software – it was a complete transformation.  Gone were the overflowing folders, replaced by a sleek digital platform that said “we’ve got this!” to their clients.  Creating and updating itineraries became a walk in the park, saving countless hours and demonstrating true professionalism.  And the best part?


Venatours deliver “wow!” moments with Vamoos. Clients see their itineraries updated instantly on their phones, boosting satisfaction and creating loyal clients.


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