April 12, 2022

Exploring a destination doesn’t have to start after your client’s plane touches down, in fact, it can start right from the moment they book – if you know how to bring it to life. 

And that’s where Vamoos comes in! Bringing trips to life is our speciality, and Vamoos Maps is our signature dish. After a visual itinerary has set the scene, Maps empowers clients to explore where they’re staying in a way that no document ever could. 

From local landmarks to live driving directions, and secluded beaches to little-known restaurants, you can load Maps with Points of Interest that your client wouldn’t find elsewhere.  And being available offline means your clients can begin to explore wherever they are and whenever they want.



Swap paper packs with interactive Maps that clients love

The Vantage Point Group organises full-service incentivised trips for big IT players, so the expectations are sky-high. Before Vamoos,  they sent clients printed information packs to help them navigate. It was mostly standard stuff, but they also included a  laminated ‘get out of jail free’ card – a card that has the name and address of their hotel and the number of a local taxi firm. Now, Vamoos has replaced this pack completely.

Instead of reaching for their ‘get out of jail free’ card, clients simply open the Vamoos App and get live directions to their accommodation from wherever they are in seconds with Maps. And if it’s too far to walk, contact and travel information are just a few swipes away. To quote Rupert, Director at The Vantage Point Group, Maps has ‘just been amazing.’


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Share your insights in a way that’s accessible and exciting 

PT Ski is a family-owned tour operator that aims to make each client experience personal and unique. It was set up by husband and wife duo, James and Sos Palmer-Tomkinson, and they serve around 350 customers per winter in the Swiss resort of Klosters. A place that James and Sos know a LOT about. But how do they share all this with clients?

‘We can put everything onto Vamoos so it’s always accessible for everyone who attends – it’s all there, which is terrific’, James told us. For his clients, Maps and Points of Interest have been filled with PT Ski insights into the mountains and local areas – a narrative that they would not otherwise get. 


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Do you also want to distil your expert local knowledge directly into a map on your client’s phones? Get a personalised demo to find out exactly how Vamoos could work for you, or start making recommendations now with a free trial.


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