December 10, 2021

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could put the many wonders of the world at your clients’ fingertips? Imagine it, complete with images, personal recommendations and top tips on an easy-to-use interactive map. We think it’s the future of bespoke travel – so we made it happen with our Points of Interest feature.

Whether it’s a tiny, authentic pizzeria perched on an Italian hillside, the best tree runs in the Rockies, a hidden waterfall in Costa Rica, or a simple guide to navigating those world-famous landmarks, sharing your knowledge of a destination with your clients has never been easier or looked better. But why not let some of out travel company clients tell you that? Take a look below to see what they think. 



Delight clients with unparalleled local knowledge 

Despite not needing to produce trip itineraries, Luxury Cotswold Rentals were one of Vamoos’ earliest adopters and custom app subscribers. They use the app differently, with a heavy emphasis on delivering local recommendations in a way that clients love. 

When we spoke to them, they said: ‘We are much more focused on the Points of Interest – we use it to make sure we have the best guide to the Cotswolds of anybody. We have over 1600 points of interest to deliver personal restaurant and bar recommendations, ones that come from our clients, our owners, and us, so we know they’re good.’

‘We also have basic information on there that everyone needs – local theatres, petrol stations, public toilets, ATMs, supermarkets, cinemas and so much more. The reason being that at the end of the day, it’s practical information that people also always need, and it’s all right there in the app so they don’t have to look elsewhere.’ That sounds like first-class service to us. 


Save time for your consultants with pre-loaded recommendations 

Journey Latin America design and execute epic adventures across Central and South America. With many clients visiting the same iconic spots like Machu Picchu and Patagonia, travel consultants spent a lot of time giving each client the same recommendations.

‘We used to send recommendations but it was quite a manual process,’ says Ben from JLA, ‘whereas the Vamoos interactive map means, having pre-loaded all the recommendations, they automatically pop up next to the pinpointed hotels.’

No more time needs to be spent putting together a list of recommendations -clients simply go into the app, find their destination and start exploring the local area using Points of Interest that you uploaded with the click of a mouse. 


Do you also want to distil your expert local knowledge directly into a map on your client’s phones? Get a personalised demo to find out exactly how Vamoos could work for you, or start making recommendations now with a free trial.


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