Vamoos has become the most invaluable tool for our internal team.

PT Ski was set up by husband and wife, James and Sos Palmer-Tomkinson in 2010, and they serve around 350 customers per winter in the Swiss resort of Klosters. They are a family owned tour operator, and aim to make each client experience personal and unique. Their mantra is to look after all of their guests as if they were close family friends, including trying to ski with as many of them as possible over the winter.

When PT Ski joined the Association of Independent Tour Operators (AITO) in 2015, Vamoos got in contact with them to discuss the possibility of working together (one of the huge benefits of being part of the association), and although it wasn’t necessarily something James was looking for, it peaked his interest.

After viewing a demo, James understood that Vamoos was very much the kind of product that his clients would like. ’At the time, apps were gaining in popularity and importance. The thing that struck me most straight away was that it was such a visual tool for what each client could expect from their trip. I think it’s a very powerful way of putting an itinerary together’.


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James also really enjoyed that every customer could have all the information they needed in one single place, and that it gives them the ‘extra bit of buzz for going on holiday’. The maps and points of interest have been filled with PT Ski insights to the mountains and local areas – narrative that their clients would not otherwise get. They also love to send clients notifications before they arrive, letting them know how the conditions are and that they’re looking forward to welcoming them.


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They have found that Vamoos works really well for their staff too. ‘We found this out completely unintentionally, as we only thought about using it for clients at first, but it’s become the most invaluable tool for our team. We put all guest itineraries on the staff apps, so if the clients are unsure about what they have planned for the day, our staff can find out immediately. It looks really impressive, and promotes our clients to download the app too!’

Another way the app has worked really well for PT Ski, is through the odd event that they run. ‘It’s a fantastic way of staying in touch with people who come to our events. We can put everything onto Vamoos so it’s always accessible for everyone who attends – it’s all there, which is terrific. We can also message people through Vamoos, as the alternative is Whatsapp – where you have no control over what people are saying, and the whole thing can be misused, not to mention it solves any GDPR issue as you do not need to broadcast phone numbers to everyone else. It’s absolutely brilliant for events.’


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