August 7, 2023

We recently released our new industry guide, ‘How travel tech is revolutionising educational travel’. As the name suggests, we delve deep into how top educational travel companies are using tech to combat the biggest issues in the industry. Now, we’re giving you a sneak preview of what to expect in the guide by sharing what we discovered about the most prominent challenges: information and communication. Let’s dive in. 

As you probably know well, school travel is a complicated beast. You’ve got school reps, parents, teachers, students, and administrators to manage and keep informed. There’s a forest of red tape at every stage and, to top it all off, it’s an old-school industry – pun intended – that relies heavily on paper copies and manual emails. 

And that’s before you’ve even started the trip, where 5 coaches loaded with 40 students – each needing their own museum voucher or attraction ticket – have to navigate foreign cities. You get the idea: school travel is a journey filled with hurdles for travel companies to overcome.

Trying to balance the endless demands for information from stakeholders with inevitable logistical complications, all while delivering excellent customer service, is a huge drain on resources for travel companies. It’s time that could be used on better things if only it could be freed up.


Make travel information stunning and engaging in minutes


















“We had already launched an online organiser to help teachers manage their school trip admin but Vamoos offered a creative solution for managing and accessing info whilst on tour. 

NST was using printouts, but Vamoos’ Documents feature meant we could give teachers an online version, which could be easily shared with teachers, and contained all the information required for the tour at the touch of a button.”

Michelle Evans, Head of Product and Marketing – NST


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Vamoos was built to make information creation and delivery as easy as possible while looking incredibly professional and engaging. And we’d say we’ve gotten pretty good at it. 

With Documents, you can upload a limitless amount of information to a central hub. PDFs, documents, links, pictures, maps – you name it, Vamoos can store it. Once uploaded everything is available 24/7, even offline. So you can finally kick printed packs and weighty ring binders to the curb and save time and money. 


Share updates in real-time with instant prescheduled notifications 

















“We change all the details and upload a new itinerary into Vamoos so there’s a real-time itinerary in there. Or, if we have to change visits altogether, we’ll give them the new details through Vamoos. We say, “Refresh your Vamoos app and your new details are there”.

It’s great for them on tour that they’ve got everything in front of them, otherwise, they’re going to be scribbling things down on bits of paper. So that works really well with that for us.”

Nicky Martin, Group Marketing Manager – NGT


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As you can see above, any educational travel pro will tell you that logistics can change at a moment’s notice. So you need to be able to update group leaders just as fast. Vamoos Notifications empowers you to do exactly that by sending notifications to selected stakeholders with the click of a button. But it’s not just communications that Vamoos does in real-time, you can update documents in their central hub just as fast too. 

We have no doubt you’ll need to send clients reminders well in advance of, and during, their trip. Notifications can handle that too with prescheduled notifications that you can program to send at a certain time or even when the group arrives at a certain location. Simply set it and forget it. 


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That’s all we can share with you for now – but don’t worry, you can get your hands on all the insights from our top clients for free by downloading the guide. There’s advice on how to consistently impress parents in the digital age, grow your business, stand out from the crowd, and more. Just hit the button below to grab your copy today. 

Would you rather see what Vamoos’ travel tech could do you for your business specifically? Book a meeting with the team now and we’ll be happy to show you what we can do. Or you can jump right in yourself with a free trial. 



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