April 1, 2023

If there’s one unavoidable part of most clients’ trips which is totally out of your control, it’s the airport. So wouldn’t it be great if you could make your mark and smooth over even this most challenging part of a trip?

Vamoos’ Flight Alerts feature takes the turbulence out of travel by providing real-time flight info, boarding passes, and gate and check-in alerts, all from one hub.




Set the right tone for the trip with a stress-free airport experience 


We all know how hectic flying can be. From finding the right terminal to rushing from one side of the airport to another after a last-minute gate change, it’s rarely a stress-free experience.

With Vamoos live flight alerts this unwanted chaos is replaced by simple push notifications straight to your client’s device. So whether it’s an update on their flight status, departure gate, a gate change or even the number of their luggage carousel on arrival, they’ll have all the information they need in one app. That means more time to sit back, relax, and get excited about their trip.


Offer clients a single space for flight info – and everything else


If you’ve organised an adventure for your clients that has more than one stop, you can put them all in one easily-accessible place so flight information is always available at the tap of a button. As Ben from Journey Latin America says: “People just enjoy having everything in one place for ease – all their e-tickets, itinerary, and flights and so on – securely in one place.”

The Flights hub has everything your clients need to navigate the airport with ease, but everything else they need beyond that is housed in the same app, too. That’s the beauty of Vamoos. 


Let your service shine with unbeatable attention to detail


With Vamoos, your clients don’t need to find a departure board at an airport ever again, because they have all the live details on their phone. Even better, you’ll have sent them a notification with their boarding time and gate before they’ve even thought about it. 


Ensure your clients know about any changes as they happen


Airport crises might traditionally have prompted stressed clients to pick up the phone and call you. But with Vamoos, a last-minute gate change or delay to flight time can be communicated in seconds.

Clients know they don’t need to panic, and your team can focus on selling holidays or adding value elsewhere. “We’re not having to update a client on the flight,” says The Vantage Point Group, “so that’s really good.”


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