March 29, 2023

Providing your clients with the documents and resources they need for their trip should be fast and simple for both you and the client – with Vamoos it’s exactly that!

Seriously, there are so many reasons why digitising documents is the way to go. You’ll save time and money you would’ve used printing and sending docs. You’ll use much less paper which is great for the planet. You can share information with clients in seconds, not days. Clients can’t lose an app in the bottom of their bag. We could go on.

But the absolute best reason to go digital? It’s what modern clients expect. And anything less will put you at a disadvantage, sooner or later. 



Put everything your clients could want or need in one place


From important information they can’t travel without to exciting bonus content that will get them buzzing about their destination, Vamoos Documents empowers you to give your clients the info they need and enhance their trip with your expert knowledge. 

Flight details, transfer updates, hotel menus, podcasts, useful phrases – you name it, you can share it and store it using Documents. Once you've added everything your clients need, it's stored securely and available in one place, offline, right at their fingertips.


Inspire your clients by making everything easily accessible on the go 


Infinite Safari Adventures have found that changing the way they do travel documents has the power to seriously wow their clients.  This safari holiday company have realised that their clients weren’t reading the PDF guides they has printed for them, and they certainly weren’t fishing it out of their bags once on safari.

Owner & Founder of Infinite Safari Adventures, Alan Feldstein discovered that Vamoos Documents are the perfect answer to this problem. According to him, “it fit and checked all the boxes”.

Alan estimates that nearly all of his travellers reply with positive feedback as soon as they get into the app. Now all he needs to do is shoot his clients an email two weeks before a trip with a short explanation of the app and instructions on how to download it. And, bam. They're good to go. 


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Simplify your client's travel experience


After more than 25 years in business, the folks at Casas Cantabricas, a travel company specialising in Spain, were looking for a way to make their processes more efficient and ditch wasteful paper use. With Vamoos Documents, they found exactly what they needed.

"Feedback we get from the clients is excellent ... The app is right up there as a key part of their holiday experience."

They found that manually printing and sending travel doc wasn't just inefficient for them, but annoying for their clients, too. Now they offer a digital experience that matches what clients have come to expect in every other area of their lives. How has it turned out? 99 percent of Casas Cantabricas’s clients take up the opportunity to use Vamoos for their trip. We think that's pretty good. 


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