We used to track the flights manually. We had a person assigned to it, but with the Vamoos, if there is a delay, it comes in, cuts all the channels and goes straight to the client... I'd give 100 out of 100 to Vamoos

In the world of VIP travel management, where the demands for precision and exclusivity are unparalleled, CORAAJ stands out as a shining example of innovation and seamless service. Specializing in corporate travel, luxury holidays, and sports travel—CORAAJ caters to a clientele that includes high-net-worth individuals and the upper echelons of global corporate leadership. By providing a centralized platform for all essential travel documents and itineraries, CORAAJ has removed outdated practices of manually managing flight tracking and endless client email trails. These innovations have significantly enhanced the travel planning and execution process, ensuring that their distinguished clientele experiences nothing but the utmost in efficiency and service delivery.




Next-level VIP travel management


Enter Vamoos, and things got even smoother. It’s this app where you find all your travel info with zero hassle. Reflecting on the switch, Rohit said, “Very, very often we used to get… ‘Oh, I didn’t get my ticket. Oh, I can’t find my ticket. The person’s at the airport. Oh, you sent me the boarding pass, but I can’t find it.’…And when Vamoos came about, we thought it was just the right solution.” That’s pretty much a game-changer, right? No more panic attacks over misplaced boarding passes.



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Direct client feedback for an enhanced service


CORAAJ’s big brain move was using Vamoos to get feedback straight from their clients. Rohit is pretty stoked about this, saying, “We use that feature to send a feedback survey to the customers for that trip and it just pops it on their system on their own… So that way it’s also giving us the opportunity to improve our service.” It’s like they have this direct hotline to what their clients think, helping them tweak and improve super fast.




Saving time by streamlining flight tracking


Back in the day, keeping an eye on flights was a beast. It sucked up time and needed a bunch of people on it. Rohit spills the beans, “We used to track the flights manually. Means say, go on each and every website and do it. We had a person assigned to it, but with the Vamoos, if there is a delay, it just comes in, it just cuts all the channels and goes straight to the client.” Vamoos stepping in meant no more manual madness. Delays or changes? Clients hear it straight away. Huge win for efficiency.




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Setting the standard in luxury travel management


This combo of CORAAJ and Vamoos is doing more than just making trips smoother. They’re redefining what VIP travel should be like. It’s not just tech for the sake of tech; it’s about commitment to quality and ease. Rohit’s all praises, “I’d give 100 out of 100 to Vamoos” for how they’ve transformed client experiences. They’re not just doing their job; they’re setting a new standard, ensuring every trip is memorable for all the right reasons.


With Vamoos, CORAAJ has smashed old barriers, making every interaction precise, quick, and personal. It’s about more than just keeping docs in order or updating flights. It’s about a seamless, stress-free experience that stands out in the luxury travel game, proving CORAAJ isn’t just meeting expectations; they’re way ahead, leading the charge in the VIP travel world.


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