You don't expect a client in their mid-70s to think Vamoos is the best thing since sliced bread, but they do.

If you’ve not heard of Savile Row Travel, they combine travel to some of the world’s most luxurious destinations with seamless personalised service.

As a high-end tour operator, they needed something to help them present their bespoke trips in an engaging way, make them stand out from the crowd, and offered consistent branding from the quote stage right through to after clients returned home. Vamoos was exactly what they were looking for.

And with such intricate trips – some of them lasting over 3 months – the notification updates from Vamoos have become vital for them to keep their clients in the know at all times.

Watch the full story below to hear how Savile Row Travel uses Vamoos to create personalised experiences for each and every trip they put together.



Visually stunning, easy-to-build itineraries that keep clients engaged 

At Savile Row Travel, everything is bespoke. Trips can last for months and span cities, countries, and continents – as you can imagine, this made itinerary building a seriously time-consuming task.  ‘We needed something that would make itinerary building easier’, says Ben.

With lots of elements and locations, they needed something that not only held all the info but also visually engaged clients and make life easier for the team in the office. Vamoos Storyboard ticked all these boxes by empowering them to create beautiful itineraries in minutes. Plus, they can duplicate and tweak those itineraries for the next client. 

Continuity of brand was also vital for a company that prides itself on elite service: ‘We wanted to make sure everything looked the same, regardless of who was selling it or where it was being sold’. Now, every client gets the same standard of itinerary, whether their trip lasts for days or months. 

Savile Row doesn’t just use StoryBoard to create itineraries for clients that have booked. When a client gets in touch for a quote, they use itineraries for feature tours to move them down the funnel.  Ben says StoryBoard gives prospective clients ‘something tangible that they can see and get immediately excited about, from there we can tailor it to exactly what they want.’ After all, what better way to sell a holiday than to bring it to life in stunning detail? 


Make complex trips appear seamless with live updates and notifications 

‘When you have clients going away for 3 months at a time, things will inevitably change’ says Ben. But Vamoos’ instant notification system means that clients don’t see the behind-the-scenes chaos. ‘Ding!’ goes their phone and a simple notification tells them everything they need to know. It’s first-class service delivered digitally. 

While live updates on changing info are essential for a smooth trip, Notifications are also great for going the extra mile. According to Ben, ‘it’s nice to put in extras the client doesn’t know about’.

On clients’ birthdays, he’ll send out a notification to let them know they’re thinking of them or even include things like a coupon for a couples massage. Not only does this keep them engaged, but it screams first-class service – something they’re sure to remember post-trip. 


Replace bundles of books with a sleek digital library of information

Before Vamoos, Savile Row’s clients were presented with ‘a bundle of documents and books’. Now, ‘in the palm of their hand, they’ve got every last item that they need’, which has proved to be quite the hit, especially (and somewhat surprisingly for Ben) among older, less tech-savvy travellers. 

While physical documents were fine for older generations, Savile Row found that having a countdown to where you’re going, stunning destination images, and all the information the client could ever need, is great for older travellers.  ‘It’s completely blown their mind’ says Ben. Which, we’d say, is pretty high praise from clients that have been travelling for decades. 


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