"The app is like having a tour guide along for the ride – useful for pre-trip planning as well as on-trip reference".

Exceed the demands and expectations of modern tech-savvy clients 

The days of paper itineraries, fold-out maps, and even phone calls to work out whether to turn left or right at the barn are all in the rearview mirror for cyclists touring with self-guided tour operator ‘Inn to Inn’ of Vermont.

The husband and wife dream team behind the popular independent cycling tours have found that their post-pandemic cyclists have unanimously adopted and endorsed the Vamoos app which removes all the guesswork.


Create constant excitement with live countdowns and breathtaking itineraries 

There is still the welcome touch of an in-person orientation talk on the first day. But the app is like having a tour guide along for the ride, useful for pre-trip planning (including a countdown on the home screen before departure for Vermont) as well as on-trip reference.

Throughout the tour, cyclists spend a few minutes over breakfast each morning scrolling through poetry-like daily itineraries  authored by tour directors Seth and Olia Hopkins. These feature highlights of the day, options for side trip excursions, and (perhaps most importantly) the recommended lunch spot.


Blow clients away with an all-in-one app that takes care of all their travel needs

The Vamoos App also offers up-to-date weather, safety recommendations, tips for a smooth trip, emergency contacts, and PDF versions of traditional paper itineraries. Basically, everything Inn to Inn’s clients could need while they’re coasting along their route. 

Most importantly, their clients love it. With Vamoos even mentioned as a key highlight in Inn to Inn’s TripAdvisor reviews, something must be going right.


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