We've seen uptake of the app grow year on year by our clients and we always get really positive comments about the app.

McKinlay Kidd was founded in 2003, and is dedicated to helping independently-minded visitors get the most out of their holiday. They won’t send their clients anywhere they haven’t been themselves, and aim to help their clients see the UK differently, tailored to specific requirements.

Back when Vamoos first approached McKinlay Kidd, Director Robert Kidd didn’t think they were ready for an app, but in 2016 they found they needed to improve the way they provided documents. From there, their use of Vamoos only grew. Read on to find out how.


Vamoos’ integrations make delivering docs digital a breeze

When Robert’s discussions with Vamoos were picked back up, he was keen to understand how the app could solve their first problem: documents. Like many of our clients, McKinlay Kidd regularly have to deal with mountains of paperwork. It was important to them that they could store everything for clients in one place, but also that it didn’t create too much work for the consultants that have to upload them. By integrating their systems with Vamoos, we made the process effortless for both consultant and client. 

‘We were looking at how information was presented – a lot of documents meant storing everything digitally in one place made sense. Vamoos allowed us to do this, and integrated with our systems (e.g. Darwin) which is important as I dread to think what it would be like to start from scratch every time.’


Keep clients in the know with automatic real-time flight updates

Robert keeps up with each new feature release from Vamoos to see which will work for them. And we’ve had several that have proved a big hit with his clients in recent years. Our Flights feature is a client favourite, pushing any flight changes to their phone automatically to take the stress out of airport travel and start the trip on the right note.

‘Having an app is an essential part of what we do now. We would never be able to go back to not having an app to provide our documentation digitally. Vamoos is convenient, modern, and efficient. We really like the flight status functionality – a simple but impressive tool.’


Reach clients when it matters with in-app instant messaging

Not all updates can be shared automatically – sometimes your team need to speak to a client directly to make sure they understand any updates. Instead of sending a text that clients might miss, Robert’s team now use Messages to speak to clients directly through the app and be sure they get the memo every time. 

‘We are also using the app more and more to update our clients if anything changes. Sometimes, we are unable to call or text them, but using Vamoos to get messages to them directly through the app works really well.’


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