It overall improves the experience of the user. That’s the biggest benefit.

The best luxury properties in the world aren’t afraid to innovate to provide the best guest experience. Because that’s what high-end clients want. Lti Maafushivaru Maldives have gone 100 percent digital with Vamoos and haven’t looked back. 

Elegance is Easy With Digital

Luxury and elegance go hand in hand. Vamoos provides an elegant digital solution that guests find both stylish and easy to use. On the app, guests have everything they need at the tap of a button: from restaurant and spa menus, to activity schedules and stunning imagery.



Guest Experience On Another Level

Going digital with Vamoos has “improved Maafushivaru’s guest experience to a whole other level.” At Maafushivaru, guests are now kept fully informed of hotel updates through the in-app messaging and notifications function, whether it’s when the DJ will be playing, or when the botanical classes are taking place. 

Give Guests What They Want

You want to make life easier for your guests. And giving them the ability to message you from wherever they might be in your hotel with Vamoos is what they want.

“Most guests prefer to use the messaging in the app because it is more convenient,” said Sinnu Mohamed from LTI Maafushivaru Maldives at a recent event on the future of guest comms. “They can sit by the poolside and still make their dinner reservation.” 

Get Closer to Travel Companies

Our Vamoos Connect feature is allowing luxury properties to work even closer with the world’s best travel companies and to offer guests a seamless experience. “It overall improves the experience of the user. That’s the biggest benefit.”  

To get the expert view on how to use tech in high-end properties, click here to watch How luxury resorts combine high tech and high touch webinar, featuring Hummingbird Travel, Scott Dunn, Park Hyatt Maldives and Lti Maafushivaru.


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