October 19, 2020

Luxury travel has changed. Even before 2020, affluent travellers were looking for more than just a high thread-count and a private pool. In 2018, a Horwath HTL report concluded that, “while HNW travellers still expect every detail of their travel to be taken care of, what is new is the aspiration behind the journey, not just experiences, but transformational experiences, self-actualisation, more profound meaning and sincere human connections.”

With COVID-19 having potentially limited the number of holidays even the most affluent will take in a year, it is now even more important to walk the walk when it comes to offering true luxury.

So how is that achieved? By embracing digital. Enter the Vamoos Hotel app, the perfect way for ultra-luxury resorts to engage and interact with their guests even before they’ve left their homes.


Building Anticipation

Luxury guests want and need to be engaged and informed from the moment they book. Vamoos makes this possible. Vamoos can provide guests with a digital sneak-peak into what lies in store for them with beautiful imagery and videos. The countdown display builds up excitement and allows guests to show off their upcoming adventure to family and friends at the tap of a button. Luxury guests want storybook experiences. This is the prologue.

And it’s impressive. It’s slick. It’s seamless. Your own, fully-branded, experiential app is proof that you are out-of-the-ordinary; pioneering even. Through Vamoos, your guests can experience the luxury you offer at your resort, the professionalism and personability of your staff and the elegance of your service even when they may still be thousands of miles away.


Watch now: How Tewkesbury Park creates the best experience with Vamoos


Planning Ahead

In a post-COVID world, guests feel safer and better cared for if they have the details of any necessary precautions and regulations before they’ve arrived. Vamoos makes this possible, and allows your resort to be completely contactless.

Any necessary information can be included in the app for guests to peruse at their leisure while also preparing for other aspects of their trip. Like booking activities, restaurants, spa treatments; all of which can be done in the app, providing a great opportunity to upsell in an organic, unobtrusive way before guests even arrive.


A True Luxury Experience

Luxury can perhaps best be defined by what it is not. It’s not everyday, not ordinary, not quotidian. Every aspect of your luxury resort should be an enhancement of what would usually be expected of a hotel. Vamoos makes this possible.

With your app on their mobile device, guests don’t have to go to the bar to get their drink, or even seek out a staff member if they don’t want to. The integrated instant-messaging service allows them to interact with staff from anywhere: to request another towel on the beach, a drink on the golf course, their room cleaned while they’re at the spa.


Unique Personalisation 

Every guest will have different demands, and will want their own unique experience. Some will want complete privacy, others to be waited on hand and foot. Vamoos makes both of these options possible. That’s the magic of it. It caters to the easy-going guest as much as the high-maintenance. The guest who wants to simply go from their room to the pool and back again will love the in-app directory and instant messaging. Meanwhile, the one who wants to explore everything your area has to offer won’t be able to get enough of the tailored local recommendations, as good as a concierge service in their pocket.

Luxury travel is about offering more. More comfort, more pleasure, more privacy; more flexibility, more excitement, more class. Vamoos makes this possible.



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