July 9, 2024

In our first villa travel blog, we looked at why villa travel companies need to ditch paper and emails to offer a more modern experience that matches client expectations. This time, we’re showing you how to go one step further by using travel tech to add trip-defining detail into that experience. 

We already know that itineraries, documents, and villa information can be stored digitally and accessed at any time on your client’s phone, but ‘extra mile’ moments like live flight updates, personalised local recommendations, and more can be delivered digitally too, creating a consistently premium experience that clients can rely on, reinforcing trust in your brand while elevating the service you provide. It’s what we call a total ‘win-win’. 

 Want to see for yourself? Here are some real-life examples from our villa travel clients…


Start every trip right with real-time flight updates


Simpson Travel is an award-winning independent travel company offering handpicked holidays to Corsica, Greece, France, Italy, Turkey, Spain and Mallorca – some of the most popular villa holiday destinations in Europe. 

One thing they’ve learned from their high-end clients is that there’s no better way to ensure a great first impression than to give your clients confidence during the most stressful part of any trip: the flight out. That’s why they rely on Vamoos’ Flights feature to keep clients informed of alerts and updates as they happen. 

The Simpson Travel team simply add clients’ flight numbers to the Vamoos Travel App (even if they didn’t book them for the client!) and the client gets real-time flight alerts for schedule changes, departure times, gate numbers, boarding alerts, and everything else. With all of this happening automatically, Simpson Travel doesn’t need to lift a finger once the flight numbers are in the system. 



“Our clients really value having all their flight information in one place and, closer to the time of departure, receiving updates on check-in information, timings and gate information. We currently have a 92% positive rating from our clients on the app because they love having all information easily to hand and in one place!”

Ed Pyke, Operations Director – Simpson Travel


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Seamlessly integrate personalised points of interest into your trips


Ionian Villas are Greek villa holiday specialists, organising personalised trips and offering a varied choice of villas, apartments, houses and cottages on the Ionian Islands. Vamoos’ Points of Interest feature has changed the way they make recommendations to clients for good. 

Using Points of Interest, they share their intimate knowledge of the Ionian islands by adding recommendations to a trip in Vamoos’ web portal. Then, when the client opens up their trip map in the Vamoos app, those recommendations will automatically populate, enabling them to find your suggested spots in just a few taps. 

From the restaurant serving Greece’s greatest gyros to sun-soaked secret beaches, Points of Interest empowers Ionian Villas to share everything straight to the client’s phone. Plus, guests can sort and filter the Points of Interest based on exactly what they’re looking for, then tap on each point in the map to get more information, visit the website, see menus, and even get live in-map directions. 



“We know each island first hand and Points of Interest gives us the opportunity to recommend our favourite locations at the touch of the button. One of the features we like is how our clients can access driving directions to the exact location of the point of interest.”

Alex Watrous, Director – Ionian Villas


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If this peaked your interest then check out our full guide: Revolutionising Villa Holidays:  The Power Of Travel Tech.  And if you’re ready to begin your own journey into the future of villa travel? Book a meeting with our team today and take your first step! Go on, your clients deserve it. 


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