May 30, 2023

After you’ve done the work to initially build buzz about your clients’ holiday, it’s time to capitalise on that feeling by giving them something real to immerse themselves in.

Not only does this cement the idea that they’ve found a true expert in you, but it’s also a great opportunity to build up your brand recognition.


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Send them to restaurants to try the local cuisine


Research restaurants in their hometown that offer an authentic experience of the local food in their holiday destination. They’ll love being able to sample the culture in advance and it’ll feel like a ‘holiday taster’ before they actually set off.


Organise a local-themed event


Why not take things to the next level and organise an event yourself? With your extensive destination knowledge, it shouldn’t be too hard to find some food, drink, music and activities that offer a taste of local life. And if you have multiple clients going to the same destination, it’s a real win-win.


Offer a printed travel pack


The world might be going digital, but a pre-trip pack your client can hold in their hands screams first-class service. Include items like physical maps, itinerary books, and branded passport holders.


An all-encompassing digital app


Digital travel apps can immerse travelers in their destination, making them feel as though it’s just a swipe away. After parting with a substantial deposit, it’ s a great way to give clients something tangible and interactive to engage with.

Book a meeting with Vamoos to discover how you could offer extravagant visual itineraries, personalised points of interest, digital documents, and even flight and weather info – all in one digital experience.


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