March 19, 2024

Picture this: You’re so excited for your upcoming villa holiday that you’re practically buzzing. You’ve talked it up so much, even your colleagues are counting down the days. Hungry for a small taste of the epic adventure to come, you decide to review your itinerary one more time.

As you reach into your bag and pull out the crumpled piece of paper, a gust of wind rips it from your grasp. As it fades into the distance, so does your sense of excitement and your once-magical trip starts to feel more like an administrative nightmare. 

Does this feel like a scene that’s happening in 2024? Of course not! In fact, why would they even be reliant on emails? Clients get too many of them, they’re only available online, and they look the same as they did when Bill Gates was still working out of a garage.

No, in 2024, clients want better. They deserve better. And you can give it to them with less effort than it takes to create a printed information pack! But don’t just take our word for it. Instead, take the word of your competitors who are already using Vamoos to ditch paper, become less reliant on emails, and give their clients a spectacular, all-encompassing digital solution. 



Let clients soak in their destination with image-led immersive itineraries


Using StoryBoard – that’s what we call our answer to traditional itineraries – Luxury Travel Book, an elite travel company specialising in luxury apartments in major cities and towns, showcases its breathtaking luxury villas with jaw-dropping imagery, interactive information, and no paper whatsoever. 

Catering to high-end clients who love local culture, fine food, and great wine, it’s vital Luxury Travel Book can offer a digital itinerary that lives up to their guest’s lofty expectations. So when clients open their Vamoos app, they’re greeted with stunning destination pictures that ignite excitement, not boring bullet points that feel like admin. 

Whenever its clients want to explore an upcoming day, even if that’s before the trip, Luxury Travel Book has already uploaded everything they need to know, providing a modern five-star service that tech-savvy travellers absolutely love. 



“The StoryBoard feature is the most important tool for creating incredible itineraries for our clients. With its ability to break up the itinerary into sections, we can easily include our property description, destination guide, and check-in instructions for the clients.”

Dalia Militaru, Travel Consultant – Luxury Travel Book


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Replace dull documents with interactive itineraries and easy-to-access information


The team at Move Mountains Travel cater to almost every kind of trip. They’ve got a variety ranging from snowy slopes to sun-soaked safaris to, of course, villas. So naturally, they needed an itinerary solution that was capable of showing off iconic destination imagery and impeccable villa details, as well as storing truck-loads of information for clients to access at a moment’s notice

To ensure clients have what they need in the villa, on the move, and anywhere in between, the Move Mountains Travel agents upload everything from flight info to entry details and attach it to each day of the trip in StoryBoard, along with some sensational pictures, of course.

But they also store absolutely everything a client could want or need to know in Vamoos’ Documents. Once uploaded, clients can access everything in Documents with just, even if they’re offline, without the effort of searching through inboxes. 



“The StoryBoard serves as a great interactive place to combine both day-by-day information with other essential information for our customers. It’s one of the most important features for us as it allows us to add everything our customers might need to know, in one visually appealing place.”

Pascal August, Director – Move Mountains Travel


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Use hyper-engaging digital brochures that drive repeat business 


Fleewinter is a high-service, customised holiday designer, whose staff each specialise in a few specific destinations and are part-owners of the business. The breathtaking packages that they put together could tempt even the timidest travellers to go abroad, but how do they get their magical destinations the exposure they deserve? 

Enter: Inspirations. Inspirations is Vamoos’ version of a targeted digital brochure, unlocking the ability for Fleewinter to start showcasing other trips while clients are still riding high from their last epic holiday. 

With everything uploaded and stored in the Vamoos app, they use scheduled notifications to capture clients’ attention post-trip, encouraging them to view incredible destination images, explore trips they might never have thought of, and, ultimately, book their next adventure!


“Inspirations means our clients can start daydreaming about their next holiday post-trip! We send them notifications with suggestions quite soon after they’re back home and still buzzing from their time with us. Vamoos’ Travel App has actually helped us with our rebooking rates by more than 50%, and Inspirations is definitely part of that.”

Jenna Kearns, Costa Rica, Peru, & India Product Owner – Fleewinter


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