December 7, 2021

Would you like an easy way to increase your rebooking rates? Or perhaps you want to promote on-trip extras with an easy-to-use app? Look no further. 

With Vamoos Inspirations, you can do just that! From upselling holiday extras to tempting your clients back with your favourite destinations, this image-led in-app catalogue enables you to promote offers, keep your clients updated, and ensure they have something to get excited about even after their trip has finished.

Keep scrolling to discover how some of our travel company clients have put Inspirations into practice. 



Showcase your trips while clients are still on a holiday-high

Fleewinter are high-service, customised holiday designers. The breathtaking packages they put together could tempt even the timidest travellers to go exploring, but how do they get their trips the exposure they deserve?

Enter: Inspirations. Inspirations unlocks the ability for Fleewinter to start showcasing other trips while clients are still riding high from their last epic adventure. They use scheduled notifications to capture their attention post-trip, followed up with incredible in-app images to seal the deal. Here’s what Jenna, a Product Owner at Fleewinter, had to say about the feature: 

“Inspirations means our clients can start daydreaming about their next holiday post-trip! We send them notifications with suggestions quite soon after they’re back home and still buzzing from their time with us. Vamoos has actually helped us with our rebooking rates by more than 50%, and Inspirations is definitely part of that.”


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Help clients discover the amazing packages you’ve already put together

Magnetic North was founded by Laura Greenman after a trip to Scandinavia. They specialise in tailor-made adventures to Scandinavia and Canada, immersing their clients in breathtaking landscapes and movie-like scenery. As you might imagine, they have some visually impressive packages on offer.

‘We have had repeat bookings from clients who looked at our other trips on the Inspirations feature’, said Laura, who loads Inspirations with jaw-dropping imagery to help seal the deal. Not only does this have a notable effect on customer loyalty, but it increases the value of each customer, too. 


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