I was really interested in using technology to reduce our workload and also give our clients a better experience.

Magnetic North was founded by Laura Greenman in 2010 after she honeymooned with her husband to Scandinavia and was inspired by the landscape and experiences. MN specialise in tailor made travels to Scandinavia and Canada, and aim to immerse their clients in the amazing nature and scenery.

Laura first heard about Vamoos from an email on her return to work after the birth of her second child. ‘I took note of the email because I was really interested in using technology to reduce our workload and also give our clients a better experience. At the time, our travel documents were a lot of work to put together, and we were having to use printers and post all these documents to clients which was hassle.’


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After signing up, Vamoos quickly changed the way Magnetic North worked. ‘Our default setting now is to get our clients to download the app for all their trip information. We also use Creations, the itinerary builder, and attach this PDF to emails to tell clients how to download the app. This has been a really great feature as our clients can print their itinerary off at home if they wish.’

Although Laura was initially concerned about the reaction from her clients regarding the app, this was short lived. ‘Once people download it and see how easy it is to use they get really excited. They love the countdown as the trip becomes real for them and it’s been a big part of the feedback we get. The vast majority of our clients feed back that they really enjoyed the app – it becomes like a travel companion for them but also increases that feeling of anticipation before the trip, which a piece of paper cannot do.’


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Setting up Vamoos properly has been really important for Magnetic North, and now it has become a part of everyday process for them. ‘We had an internal project to make sure Vamoos was set up perfectly, and continue to ensure our images are really high quality for consistency across each app. We are also always adding new Points of Interest in.’

Magnetic North have been using Vamoos and all of its features really well. ‘We are utilising the entire system. Flight Hub has been really helpful for our clients, and we have had repeat bookings from clients who looked at our other trips on the Inspirations feature.’


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Magnetic North asked Vamoos to build them their own custom app in Summer 2018 as they were getting great feedback from their clients. “It seemed like the right thing to do, and the process of setting this up was really straight forward and trouble free. There would have been no way we could have set something like this up ourselves and pay for that kind of development work. By having this app, we are adding value to our clients. We haven’t looked back and it has saved us a lot of time in terms of admin work.’


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