March 7, 2022

Let’s be honest, itineraries are in need of a revolution. After decades, travel companies are still sending text-based, printed itineraries to clients, only for them to not read them and lose them at the bottom of a bag.  With Vamoos StoryBoard, we say ‘no more’ – it’s high-time itineraries did more than inform, it’s time they excite. 

Whether you want to create a detailed, personalised daily itinerary that brings a trip to life or a more general destination guide, Vamoos StoryBoard lets you create stunning, awe-inspiring itineraries in just minutes. You can link any relevant documents or information to each day, allowing your clients to effortlessly navigate their trip knowing exactly what they need and when. 



Create visually stunning, easy-to-build itineraries that keep clients engaged

At Savile Row Travel, everything is bespoke. Trips can last for months and span cities, countries, and continents – as you can imagine, this made itinerary building a seriously time-consuming task.  ‘We needed something that would make itinerary building easier’, says Ben, Marketing Manager at Savile Row.

With lots of elements and locations, they needed something that held relevant information and visually engaged clients. Vamoos StoryBoard ticked these boxes, empowering them to create beautiful itineraries in minutes. Plus, they can easily duplicate and tweak those itineraries for the next client, saving time for the team in the office. 

But Savile Row doesn’t just use StoryBoard to create itineraries for clients that have booked. When a client gets in touch for a quote, they send itineraries for feature tours to help sell the trip.  Ben says StoryBoard gives potential clients ‘something tangible that they can see and get immediately excited about, from there we can tailor it to exactly what they want.’ After all, there’s no better way to sell a holiday than to bring it to life in stunning detail. 


Unlock your creativity and reimagine what an itinerary can be 

The EverTrek team are masters of custom, high-altitude treks to some of the world’s most iconic sites. As you can imagine, their itineraries are pretty exciting – striking imagery of the Himalayas is coupled with rousing descriptions of each day’s hike to really paint a picture of the adventure clients will undertaking. 

But they actually use StoryBoard to take it one step further. They link the app page for each day’s itinerary to a video from CEO Andy Moore, walking clients through the hike in captivating detail. As Fi, EverTrek’s Project Manager, says, “There’s something really nice about having someone who’s been there and done it to take you through exactly what’s going to happen”. And it’s those special touches that make EverTrek stand out from the crowd. 


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