“It allows you to dream, it allows you to transport yourself into the property.”

Let’s talk about Inception. Remember it? The mind-blowing Christopher Nolan film from 2010 that we all had to go and see at least twice to properly understand? It was about a dream within a dream within a dream. Or something like that. Leonardo DiCaprio’s character was definitely trying to implant a dream into the mind of Cillian Murphy’s character…possibly.

Anyway, it turns out the Vamoos app allows you to do something similar with your hotel and your future guests. And the good news is, it’s much less complicated than the plot of Inception

That’s what Legendary Expeditions have found. Legendary Expeditions provide unscripted adventures within Tanzania. Boasting luxury properties in some of the finest wildlife reserves in the country, their experiences are far removed from the traditional safari circuit. And using Vamoos, they’re able to find their way into their guests’ dreams. Their director of sales and marketing, Sean Clark, tells us how.



Allows Guests to Dream

One of the main aims of Vamoos is to allow travellers to start their trip-of-a-lifetime from the moment they book, rather than when they set off. For Sean, it undoubtedly succeeds.

“People are enamoured with the visual approach of the app,” he says. “It allows you to dream, it allows you to transport yourself into the property.” 


Customisable but Ready-to-Use

Getting your own app is an expensive and time-consuming business. With Vamoos, you get an off-the-shelf product that is ready to use but can be endlessly adapted. 

“The ability to mould the app was the biggest appeal,” says Sean. “It can be tailored to suit the experience for our guests and for our brand.”


Guest Interaction through Messaging

In 2021, instant-messaging is arguably the most natural and consistent way we all interact. So we’ve built it into our app. 

It’s a big plus for Sean: “I really like the interactive aspect of the messenger. Guests themselves can type in a message: ‘What time is my flight leaving tomorrow?’ ‘Have you taken into account my dietary requirements?’ And all these things can be messaged straight through to our team.” 


Shows the Destination, Not Just the Property

Vamoos is an experience app. It’s about allowing guests to fully immerse themselves in their trip before they have set off, while they’re there, and after they leave. 

As Sean explains, Vamoos “gives a broader perspective of the destination. There’s a destination element to it as well as a product that is downloadable.”  


Saves Time, Saves Money

As well as being very costly, developing your own app is incredibly time-consuming. And even when you’ve got it up and running, maintaining it is a drain on resources too. Not so with Vamoos.

“Vamoos is very maintenance-light and easy to use,” adds Sean. “So that was the appeal rather than having to go through the whole process of app development and the costs involved.”


Keep Organised, Stay Relevant 

Vamoos allows you to provide guests with documents, information, maps, and other details onto their device. And they can all be updated and kept relevant with a few strokes of a keyboard, rather than a complete reprint. 

“The benefits to our guests and to our team are really great,” says Sean. “Whether you’re pre-loading your release of liabilities or indemnity forms, or minimizing aspects of in-room documentation, now we can see what is really relevant, what is necessary to have. And guests can access all the relevant information from the comfort of their own device.”



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