Our customers think it is easy to use and really handy to have on their phone.

NST is the UK’s leading educational tour operator for primary schools, secondary schools and colleges. In 2017, NST celebrated 50 years of operating school trips.

But with more than 50 years under their belt, NST found that they had more process inefficiencies – and paper files – than they could stomach. That’s where Vamoos came in. By integrating some of their processes, NST started saving some serious man-hours. And using Documents to distribute resources in-app allows for a significant reduction in paper use as well.

But don’t take our word for it. Read on to find what NST had to say about Vamoos and the benefits it’s had on the business.


Make key resources available to everyone at the touch of a button with Documents

Michelle is Head of Product and Marketing at NST. In 2016, Michelle and her team were looking for a travel app which would fit in with the rest of their existing technology. ‘We needed it to fit in with the processes and technologies we already had in place. Vamoos got in contact at the right time, just as we were looking for an app. They explained who they were, what they did, and how this could work for NST. After some further discussions we decided Vamoos would be a good fit for us, and would fully support our customers when they were on tour as well.’

“We had already launched an online school trip organiser, My Tour Manager, to help teachers manage their school trip admin and the Vamoos travel app offered a creative solution for managing and accessing school trip admin whilst on tour. NST had always sent printed final packs out to teachers prior to their tour, but Vamoos’ Documents feature meant they could give teachers an online version of the travel pack, which could be easily shared across a number of teachers, and contained all the information required for the tour at the touch of a button.”


Abolish time-wasting admin by integrating Vamoos with your internal systems

As NST operate a significant number of trips annually, they decided that they really needed to integrate Vamoos systems with theirs so that they could automate a lot of their processes, automatically pushing any new information or updates directly into the Vamoos app. This allows them to save boat-loads of time on admin, instead of uploading information to the app manually.

“There are some really positive things that have come out of the app. Our customers think it is easy to use and really handy to have on their phone when they want to quickly check something. They particularly like the concise itinerary and key details. Customers are using the app frequently when they are on their school tours, and really enjoy that they are able to share the login details with their colleagues so that everyone has easy access to the documentation and know what is going on.”

NST plan on utilising Vamoos more in the near future. At the moment, the app is just for teachers, however longer term they may wish to roll this out to pupils and parents, so they can access all the information easily, too.


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