I love the idea that if someone is stuck with how something works in their room, they have the video or information they need right there in the app.

Customer Story

Tintswalo Lodges have different camps across South Africa, and were looking for a solution that would allow them to build exactly what they wanted for each of their camps when they found Vamoos.

Having considered an app for a while, they had previously looked into having their own one built, but were shocked with the astronomical quotes they received. Vamoos was therefore perfect, as it was an app that already existed at a fraction of the price.

Since reopening post-COVID, the Vamoos app has given them a huge advantage in ensuring their guests have a fantastic experience while adhering to local guidelines. For example, they can onboard their guests before they arrive, and can upload complete room introductions into the app so when guests are stuck with something, they have the answer in their pocket.

Watch the full Tintswalo story and hear more about the features that they have loved, as well as advice on how to meet the needs and demands of each and every one of your guests.


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