It has definitely made our processes more efficient.

Steppes Travel creates tailor-made cultural and adventure journeys to exotic regions of the world, as well as beach and family holidays. They understand that no two trips should be the same, so listen to what their clients want and create a personalised itinerary tailored to them, finessing every detail before, during and after their holiday.

After seeing an email from Vamoos, Nadia, Steppes’ Head of Marketing, wanted to find out more, so arranged to meet with our team, and set up a trial period for testing the app. At the time, there were very few travel companies exploring or implementing ideas for their own travel app, so they saw Vamoos as a nice to have rather than a necessity but certainly one that allowed them a competitive edge early on.



Now, however, Vamoos is ingrained within their business – ‘‘It has definitely made our internal processes more efficient. Vamoos worked with our developers to get the API live, so where we originally had to manually upload all documents, it is now all done at the push of a button.’’

‘‘It works really well for our clients. Having everything in one place is great. Some clients have huge itineraries, so using Vamoos means they don’t have to carry around a bulky folder. Everyone loves the countdown, and notifications have gone down a storm recently – we are trying to use them in a more personalised way, for example sending a Happy Birthday message, or checking in during their holiday.’’

In May 2017, Steppes decided to work with Vamoos to have their own custom app built. ‘‘When it came to building our own app, there was another company keen to work with us, but their costs were dramatically higher. They also had functionality that was not business critical for us, whereas we knew what we had with Vamoos worked and that clients appreciated the service.’’

‘‘Everyone in the business understands how great the app is and sees the value of Vamoos and sending it to our clients. It is now a part of our standard process.’’ Steppes also use Vamoos internally for company trips abroad and most recently when organising their Steppes Beyond Festival at the Royal Geographical Society in London, so everyone within the business gets to use not only the back end system, but the app interface too.

‘‘Feedback from our clients has always been really good, and the support Vamoos provides if and when we need it has also been great.’’

Steppes have been an integral part of our annual partner meetings over the years, sharing their stories with other tour operators and making recommendations based on their own experiences. ‘’A lot of companies have apps of different variations now – so this isn’t what is keeping us unique and a step ahead. However, it is in the way we use Vamoos and how we make it look and work for our clients that allows us to keep ahead of the curve, continually serving and satisfying our clients.’’

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