April 12, 2020

The Vamoos Countdown is one of our simplest features, but also one of our most popular. Every time we ask our customers for feedback on the app (which is pretty often), we hear about how much their clients love the countdown. And we mean every time. 

So, with all of Vamoos’ capabilities, why is this feature the one that travellers talk about the most? Because it adds excitement! And if you’ve paid a pretty penny for a tailor-made holiday, you can bet that you’d want to get as excited as possible before you go. Especially if that holiday is still months away. 

We’d say getting your clients buzzing about the trip you’ve created is pretty good, but what else do our travel company clients say about this feature? Read on to find out. 


EverTrek boosts its brand awareness with a super sharable countdown 

At EverTrek, a company specialising in high-altitude treks at some of the world’s most iconic destinations, the countdown has become a client favourite. Fi, EverTrek’s Project Manager,  told us that when clients are waiting a long time for what will be a once-in-a-lifetime trip, having a visual reminder of how long is left to go keeps them both motivated to train and excited to depart.

The Countdown is also designed to be easily shared on social media. In fact, EverTrek regularly get requests for Countdowns from clients’ friends and family. Fi tells us they ask ‘How do I get one of those personalised countdown calendars?’, to which they respond: “Well, book on with us and you’ll get one!”. 

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Build excitement in a way that paper documents simply can’t 

Magnetic North, founded by Laura Greenman, specialise in tailor-made expeditions to Scandinavia and Canada with the goal of immersing their clients in breathtaking landscapes. Laura was initially worried about how her clients might react to an app – she didn’t need to be

She tells us: ‘Once people download it and see how easy it is to use they get really excited. They love the countdown as the trip becomes real for them and it’s been a big part of the feedback we get. The vast majority of our clients feedback that they really enjoyed the app – it becomes like a travel companion for them but also increases that feeling of anticipation before the trip, which a piece of paper cannot do.’ 


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