"This idea of having an in-room directory or room service menus that are digital - what a great concept"

Customer Story

It’s been a year of cancelled plans, hasn’t it? So it’s time to make the most of all that spare time. That’s exactly what Frangipani Beach Resort, a luxury boutique hotel in Anguilla, has done. They’ve adopted Vamoos to offer their guests a seamless digital experience. We’ll let Shannon Kircher, who runs the property with her husband Simon, tell you how and why they did it. 


Cost Effective and Easy to Set up

So it’s really expensive to have a personalised app, right? Wrong. After the Kirchers saw it in action at another boutique property, Vamoos has allowed Frangipani to become the “tech-forward” hotel Shannon and Simon have always wanted it to be.



Allows for a Touch-Free Environment

The initial attraction of going digital with Vamoos was, says Shannon, to allow Frangipani to become touch-free, especially given COVID-19. It is now vital to be able to offer guests a contactless, paperless, seamless experience, and Vamoos makes that possible.


Guests Get a Better Experience 

Vamoos can inspire as much as inform, as Frangipani has discovered. Expanding upon the directory function, they have now put their entire hotel experience at their guests’ fingertips by including restaurant recommendations, a digital in-room guide, integrated maps, 24/7 in-app messaging, and much more.


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