December 15, 2021

We’re going to make a big claim here: with Vamoos, you can create a personalised app for your clients in less than 15 minutes. It may sound too good to be true, maybe even unbelievable, but please stick with us – we promise it’s the truth! 

To set up a bespoke app for your clients this fast, you need to be signed up to Vamoos already (you can get a one-month trial for free to test our claims). But once you’re in, we’ve made it incredibly easy to add all the imagery, info, and documents your client could ever want. 

From stunning imagery to detailed itineraries and personalised points of interest and notifications, in-app messaging and live flight alerts, you’re guaranteed to elevate your client experience and ensure they get the most out of the destination they visit. It might be the best thing you’ll ever do in just 15 minutes. Read on to find out how easy it is. 



Step 1: Create a trip (2 minutes)

You can always build a new trip from scratch, but using a template or duplicating a previous trip is a really time-effective way to get started. Simply select the features you want your clients to have access to, choose an image, and enter their name for instant personalisation. 


Step 2: Add Documents (2 minutes)

You can store PDFs and web links here for your clients to access at any time, even offline. All the important information for their trip is accessible from one place, no more scattered emails and messages. 


Step 3: Select Locations (2 minutes)

Hotels, restaurants, Points of Interest – you can add them all in Locations and, thanks to our Google Maps integration, the in-app map will automatically anchor to your selected destinations. It’s a great way to make sure clients know where they need to be and to share your expert local knowledge. 


Step 4: Build itineraries with StoryBoard (5 minutes)

Revolutionise your travel itineraries with a stunning image-led solution. Add stunning pictures of your client’s destination, then add all the vital information to each day. You can even link to key documents, websites, guides – whatever you need!


Step 5: Set up Notifications (2 minutes)

Prescheduled Notifications are a great way to elevate your customer service with a special touch. Send packing reminders, wish them well with on their travels, and more, all while you’re busy working on something else. Now that’s efficient. 


Step 6: Add flights (2 minutes)

Adding a client’s flights is as simple as choosing an airline, entering the flight number, and selecting the departure date. Once added, your clients will receive notifications about their flights and any changes that might occur automatically. They can access all the information in the app at any time, too. 


So, ready to put our claim to the test? Get a personalised demo to find out exactly how Vamoos could work for you, or jump right in and find out how quickly it can be done for yourself with a  free trial.


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