March 30, 2023

A notification or a message may be a little thing, but when it comes to offering bespoke, luxury holidays, it really is the little things that make all the difference. 

Many travel companies offer custom tours, but how many have the resources to wish clients a good morning on their first day? Or send out personalised birthday or anniversary messages? How about alerting clients to changes in seconds? Or offering an open line of communication 24/7? And all from the same app where the client’s itinerary is stored. 

We don’t know exactly how many, but we know those are the ones that are going to be remembered for a long time. And with Vamoos’ 24/7 instant messaging and notifications, you can be, too. It’s like offering a personal travel concierge that clients keep in their pockets. 



Notifications can cover essential changes and take customer service up a notch

Savile Row Travel are experts in highly bespoke tailor-made holidays.  They use the Vamoos app from the first point of contact to build excitement, as well as to give clients something tangible that makes the holiday feel real. Live updates and notifications are their favourite feature as they empower their consultants to deliver a service that clients don’t often find elsewhere. 

Changes in the itinerary? They’ll share the latest updated version with their client in seconds via a notification.  But they take advantage of the feature to go the extra mile for clients, too.  ‘It’s nice to put in extras the client doesn’t know about’, Ben from Savile Row told us. For birthdays and special events, they’ll drop a voucher and a message to clients to show them they’re thinking of them, which really sets them apart. 


Ditching the old fashion paper signage  

The Vantage Point Group organise fantastic incentive travel programmes, mainly for IT companies with high expectations. To kick off in style, they share an instant view of the trip with clients as soon as they have a proposal. 

Once clients are travelling, the Vamoos app provides clients with unprompted live flight alerts when they arrive at the airport, so they know where to be a when. The app can even update them with when and where their cab will be waiting. As Rupert, Director of The Vantage Point Group told us, the Vamoos Travel App gives his clients ‘real-time information about their whole trip at the tap of a button’.


If you can’t wait to conquer communications and master messaging, start today with your free trial, or click here to get your very own personalised demo and we’ll show the behind-the-scenes magic in real-time.


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