November 30, 2022

Most travel companies know that there are loads of advantages to having an app – jaw-dropping imagery, secure offline document storage, and live and scheduled notifications, to name but a few – they just don’t have the time or money to create one. Well, they don’t think they do.

Using a Vamoos golf trip template, you can build your own client app in less than 20 minutes. It sounds like a bold claim, but we’re ready to prove it. Watch the webinar below or keep scrolling to see just how easy it is. 


Step 1: Create a trip (2 minutes)

You can always build a new trip from scratch, but using a template or duplicating a previous trip is a really time-effective way to get started. Simply select the features you want your clients to have access to, choose an image, and enter their name for instant personalisation. 

Step 2: Add documents (2 minutes)

You can store PDFs and web links here for your clients to access at any time, even offline. All the important information for their trip is accessible from one place, no more scattered emails and messages. 

Step 3: Select locations (3 minutes)

Hotels, golf courses, points of interest – you can add them all in Locations and, thanks to our Google Maps integration, the in-app map will automatically anchor to your selected destinations. It’s a great way to make sure clients know where they need to be and to share your expert local knowledge. 

Step 4: Build itineraries (5 minutes)

Revolutionise your travel itineraries with an image-led solution. Add stunning pictures of your client’s destination, then add all the vital information to each day. You can even break it down by tee times if you’d like. 

Step 5: Set up notifications (3 minutes)

Prescheduled notifications are a great way to elevate your customer service, especially with golf clients. Send tee time reminders and wish them luck with their round, all while you’re busy working on something else. Now that’s efficient. 

Step 6: Add flights (2 minutes)

Adding a client’s flights is as simple as choosing an airline, entering the flight number, and selecting the departure date. Once added, your clients will receive notifications about their flights and any changes that might occur automatically. They can access all the information in the app at any time, too. 

Step 7: Drive rebooking (2 minutes)

With Inspirations, you can send a push notification after the trip linking to a digital brochure. Keeping engaged with clients post-trip by doing more than asking for feedback is a surefire way to increase your chances of a repeat trip. 

If you’re ready to start winning more golf clients, start a free trial and we’ll set you up with a golf trip template and help you get started.


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