Winning against OTAs: Become a master of client comms

February 7, 2023

It’s when a client is on their holiday that travel companies have the opportunity to really highlight the difference in service they have over OTAs. An OTA might send a generic ‘have a nice trip!’ message on the day of departure, but travel companies can elevate an entire trip by sharing experience and knowledge in a timely and helpful way.

Imagine your client setting off for another day of amazing memory-making. ‘Ding!’ goes their phone. It’s a message from you: ‘Have an amazing day at the beach! You’re going to be just 15 minutes away from a gorgeous seaside town. Head to the Crab Shack for best the seafood you’ve ever had – I’ve added it as a Point of Interest on your map. Just tap it for directions.’ In one message you’ve taken their day from good to unforgettable: that’s the power of messaging, if you use it right.

We spoke to our clients who have seen a noticeable increase in customer satisfaction and rebooking, based on how they use digital communications. Here’s how they do it.


Hobnail Trekking: Enriching clients’ experience at every stage of the journey

Hobnail Trekking is America’s go-to adventure travel provider for full-service trekking in Nepal, Scotland, and Peru. Their team takes full advantage of live messaging and automatic notifications to both stay on top of important info and build excitement before, during and after the trip.

The last thing clients expect when they are about to head off on a stunning remote trek is a message from their travel company wishing them luck. So when they get it, they know they’re being looked after by the best in the business, and they won’t soon forget it.


Nemo Travel: Delivering communications above and beyond what clients expect

Nemo Travel is a UK-based travel company, specialising in ethical tailor-made holidays for families, solo travellers and groups all over the world. The trips they organise are all highly personalised and flawlessly put together, so clients expect communications to match. 

As their travellers set off on the adventure of a lifetime, a well-timed personal message pops up on their phones, wishing them well and sharing important info. Not only does this demonstrate that Nemo Travel knows their client’s schedules inside out, but it also shows that their impeccable level of service and attention won’t drop just because the hard part is over and clients are on their way.


To find out how more Vamoos clients are revolutionising their clients’ trip experience, or to discover how tech can be used before or after clients’ trips, download our full guide.

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