December 21, 2023

As the calendar pages flip to the end of 2023, it’s clear that it was a remarkable year for Vamoos and the travel industry. From new feature releases to leading industry events, every step we took was geared towards enhancing travel companies’ client experiences.



Let’s dive into the key highlights:


With 332,156 app downloads, it’s clear we’re not just making waves


This figure isn’t just about our success; it’s a testament to how busy and successful our clients have been. Think about it – each of those downloads represents a traveler enjoying a frictionless, engaging, and personalized travel experience. These numbers don’t just speak to the success of our clients; they highlight the trust and reliance that travel professionals place in Vamoos to enhance their clients’ journeys.


This high volume of downloads showcases something crucial: In an industry where personal touch and seamless experiences are paramount, our clients are excelling. They’re not just keeping pace with the demands of the modern traveler; they’re setting new standards, powered by Vamoos Travel App.



We hit the ground running at 19 events


Each one was a chance to learn, network, and showcase what makes Vamoos unique. Here’s a glimpse into our whirlwind year:


ITB Berlin: A pivotal gathering for travel tech, where we immersed ourselves in the latest trends and shared our innovative insights.

World Travel Market: A global stage where we showcased Vamoos’s capabilities to an international audience, forging lasting connections.

USTOA: At the heart of American travel, engaging with top operators, understanding their needs, and demonstrating our versatile solutions.

The Essence of Luxury Show: Blending luxury with travel, we highlighted how Vamoos elevates high-end travel experiences.

Global Travel Market: A key event for networking and learning about global travel trends, ensuring Vamoos stays ahead of the curve.

IAGTO European Convention: Focused on golf tourism, we aligned our app with the specific needs of this niche yet vibrant sector.

IAGTO North America Convention: Expanding our reach in golf tourism, tailoring our solutions to the nuances of the American market.

We Are Africa: A celebration of African travel, showcasing how Vamoos can enrich safari and luxury travel experiences.

Experience Africa: Reinforcing our commitment to enhancing African travel adventures with our innovative technology.

World Youth and Student Travel Conference: Tapping into the vibrant energy of youth travel, demonstrating how Vamoos makes every student trip memorable.

School Travel Forum Conference: We connected with industry leaders and showcased Vamoos as the essential tool for enriching student travel experiences.


Each event was more than just an engagement; it was an opportunity to delve into the vibrant world of global travel, ensuring that Vamoos remains relevant, innovative, and a leader in the travel tech industry.



Our 10 webinars weren’t just talks; they were masterclasses in travel tech!


Our series of 10 webinars in 2023 were much more than just informative sessions; they were immersive masterclasses. With a whopping 2.5k registrations, the enthusiastic engagement is a clear indication of the value these webinars provided to the travel industry professionals.

Each webinar was a deep dive into critical topics, addressing the challenges and opportunities in today’s dynamic travel market:


Winning Against OTAs in a Digital World: This session offered strategic insights on how travel companies can stand out in an increasingly digital marketplace, competing effectively with Online Travel Agencies. Watch here


Finding Harmony: Balancing Tech and Personal Touch in Pre-Travel Communications: We explored the art of blending technology with a personal touch, crucial for enhancing client communications before the journey begins. Explore more.


Streamlining Logistics and Communications in Educational Travel: This webinar focused on the unique needs of educational travel, highlighting how to streamline logistics and communication effectively. Learn here.


ChatGPT in Travel: Strengths and Weaknesses: A timely discussion on the role of AI like ChatGPT in the travel industry, examining its potential and limitations. Discover insights.


Integrating Sustainability into Travel Businesses: This session emphasized the importance of sustainability in travel, offering practical ways to incorporate eco-friendly practices into business models. Watch the session.


Embracing the Golf Boom: Strategies for Quality Golf Trips: Targeted at capitalizing on the growing interest in golf tourism, this webinar shared strategies for crafting high-quality golf trip experiences. Learn more.


Unlocking the Future of Travel Itineraries: How AI Redefines the Journey: A forward-looking session on how AI is transforming traditional travel itineraries, offering new possibilities for customization and engagement. Explore the future.


Each of these webinars was crafted not just to inform, but to inspire and empower travel professionals with the tools and knowledge to excel in a rapidly evolving industry. As we look forward to another year.



Saying “hello” in 56 countries!


We have touched every corner of the globe with 56 countries with clients in. But it’s not just about the number of countries. We’re thrilled to announce that the Vamoos app has become even more inclusive and accessible by adding Swedish and Finnish to our multilingual feature. This means we now offer our services in a total of nine languages, including English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Norwegian, and Dutch. Hej and hei to our new languages! 🇸🇪🇫🇮


This expansion into new languages is a crucial step in our mission. It means we can offer a more personalized, native experience to a wider range of users, ensuring that Vamoos isn’t just a travel app, but a global travel companion.


As we continue to grow our language offerings, we remain dedicated to understanding and catering to the unique needs of each market, embracing cultural nuances, and ensuring that no matter where you are, Vamoos is there to enhance your client experience. Here’s to making travel more accessible, one language at a time!



Game-changing features adding layers of personalization and creativity


This year, we introduced some truly game-changing features that have revolutionized the way our clients and their travelers experience journeys. Our new Photobook feature and the addition of rich text formatting have added layers of personalization and creativity to travel experiences.


Photobook: This feature enables travelers to create a physical, printed Photobook from the photos posted in the Vamoos app. Imagine returning from a dream vacation and having a beautifully crafted Photobook waiting, filled with memories captured and shared in real-time. It’s not just a feature; it’s a tangible souvenir that travelers can cherish forever.


Rich Text Formatting: With rich text formatting, our clients can now craft more engaging, visually appealing itineraries and documents. This adds a level of sophistication and customization previously unavailable, allowing each itinerary to be not just informative but also a delight to read.


These features represent our commitment to not only meet but exceed the expectations in the travel tech industry. By continuously innovating and adding these extra touches, Vamoos is redefining what it means to have an unforgettable travel experience, making every journey with Vamoos unique and memorable.



13 custom app clients joined the digital revolution


At Vamoos, our digital revolution isn’t just a ripple, it’s a tidal wave! We’re thrilled to partner with a hundreds of travel companies worldwide. Each one brings its unique flair to the industry, but in 2023, 13 of these companies truly went all-in with us, embracing our technology to transform their client experiences. Here’s a glimpse into these trailblazers:


Tour Compass: Crafting local, authentic tours, they bring destinations alive with unique insights and engaging itineraries.

Somerset White: The epitome of luxury travel, they tailor experiences for those seeking elegance and exclusivity.

Classic Safari Company: African safari connoisseurs, they offer immersive wildlife encounters in breathtaking landscapes.

Distant Journeys: Masters of long-haul adventures, blending exhilarating experiences with rich cultural immersion.

Connoisseur Golf: Teeing off in style, they specialize in premium golf tours at the world’s most prestigious courses.

Essenza Escapes: Defining luxury travel, focusing on indulgence, comfort, and unforgettable local experiences.

Pelorus X: Pioneers in extraordinary, tailor-made expeditions to the planet’s most remote corners.

Solos: Catering to solo adventurers, offering diverse and personalized group travel experiences.

Golf Traveller: For golf enthusiasts, crafting exclusive holidays at renowned and undiscovered courses.

Bon Voyage: Personalized travel experts, offering diverse destinations and unique travel packages.

Kuramathi: A Maldivian paradise blending relaxation and adventure with stunning natural beauty.

Marrakech Riad: Authentic Moroccan experiences in traditional riads, immersing guests in the heart of Marrakech.

Blue Sky Escapes: Unlocking experiential journeys, focusing on off-the-beaten-path adventures and cultural immersions.


These 13 are just the tip of the iceberg in our grand partnership network. Each has leveraged Vamoos’s technology to elevate their client experiences, showcasing our app’s adaptability and our dedication to crafting personalized travel adventures.


As we sail into 2024, we’re not just recounting our successes; we’re gearing up for more. More features, more growth, and more unforgettable travel experiences. Here’s to making every journey with Vamoos not just a trip, but a story worth telling!


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