June 1, 2023

Tech v The Human Touch in Pre-Travel Communications 

Let’s get ready to ruuuuumble! Tonight we dive into the thrilling world of pre-travel communications for the ultimate showdown: tech versus the human touch. In case you missed it, our recent webinar ‘Unlock the Power of Pre-Travel Communcations’ became a battleground in which technology and tradition collide. 

We had front-row seats for the epic showdown between the tech-enthusiast Co-founder of Experience Travel Group, Sam Clark, and human touch advocate Patrick Millar, Senior Manager & Head of Marketing, at Kirker Holidays. 

Joining them in the virtual ring, we also had the insightful mind of Martyn Sumners, Executive Director at AITO – The specialist travel association, and our very own Alisdair Luxmoore, Founder of Fleewinter and Vamoos. Let’s take a look at what was discussed and what it means for your pre-travel comms strategy. 




Cue The Battle of Perspectives

Sam champions using tech for a whole host of benefits: automation, efficiency, and instant updates using emails, SMS, and WhatsApp, to name a few. While Patrick values the personal touch, favouring handwritten letters and phone calls to create meaningful connections with travellers. Both certainly have value for travel companies looking to provide the ultimate service, so let’s dive into why they each favour their position. 


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Sam’s tech-driven approach brings efficiency and convenience to both a company and its clients. Automated booking confirmations and reminders ensure no details are overlooked, while real-time notifications and chatbots provide instant answers to clients’ questions. The perks of Sam’s approach include efficiency, speed, and accessibility, as technology empowers seamless communication, putting all the information at the client’s fingertips.

Patrick emphasises the importance of the human connection – something that can’t be overlooked in an industry built on phone calls and face-to-face meetings. Personalised welcome letters can make clients feel valued, which is incredibly important when they are parting with a significant sum of money. He believes in crafting unique experiences through personal interactions, understanding clients’ needs, and tailoring their journeys accordingly. He highlights the power of the personal touch, as personal connections foster trust and loyalty.


Insights From AITO: Finding The Sweet Spot

But let’s pause the debate for a moment as we turn to the wise minds at AITO, the specialist travel association. Martyn advocates for finding the perfect balance between tech and human interaction. He understands the benefits of tech-driven communications but reminds us not to forsake the human touch. Highly-personalised advice and genuine connections between travel advisors and their clients are what make travel experiences truly remarkable.


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Where Vamoos comes in: Blending Technology and Personalisation

Alisdair, who has seen both sides of the coin having founded a travel company and Vamoos itself, knows that the use of technology is only going one way: up. But he emphasises the importance of using this tech to further the tailoring of trips to a client’s unique needs. Vamoos offers a platform that combines the best of both technology and personalisation. With live client messaging and notifications, plus itinerary-building tools and document storage, Vamoos aims to bridge the gap between tech and the human touch. Not choosing one, but modernising what the human touch means.


Finding Harmony: Striking the Perfect Balance

As we heard from both sides, one thing became very clear: there’s no one-size-fits-all solution. Each travel company needs to find its groove, its sweet spot where efficiency, personalisation, and client satisfaction meet. That’s when the magic happens. Technology can be the sidekick, automating processes and delivering information at the speed of light. But let’s not forget that real, genuine human interaction is what creates those once-in-a-lifetime moments.


How to Improve Your Own Pre-Travel Communications

If you’re hungry for improved pre-travel communication strategies, we have just the treat for you. You can download our comprehensive guide, packed with valuable insights and practical tips to revolutionise your communication game, for free. It’ll help you discover how to balance tech and personalisation, creating a seamless pre-travel experience that leaves a lasting impression.


Unlock the Secrets To Pre-Travel Communication with Our Guide


Creating a Seamless Pre-Travel Experience

As the gloves come off and the lights shut down on this battle, remember that this clash between tech and the personal touch isn’t about picking one, it’s about finding balance. By blending the powers of technology and personalisation, we can forge stronger connections, provide efficient communication, and cater to the diverse needs of modern clients.

So, download our guide, watch the webinar, and start your journey toward the perfect pre-travel comms today. Good luck!


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