April 24, 2023

‘OTAs continue to take market share based on offering rapid price comparison and speed of booking’ begins our CEO, Tom Rose. Something many travel companies know to be true. But they also know that ‘the best experiences are not necessarily the cheapest or quickest to book’. 

That’s where Vamoos comes in. It bridges the gap between travel experts and the growing tech expectations of their travellers. ‘They come to us because we have the knowledge and the experience’ says Paul Kennes, Co-founder of Swiss travel designer, Horizons Nouveaux. But OTAs are great at using tech, which travellers now expect.

‘It’s a great tool for us to modernise the way of presenting our trips’, his Co-founder, Nicolas Jacques,  continues, ‘we used to use booklets for trips’ but with Vamoos ‘it’s more interactive. Watch the recording below or keep scrolling to find out how else Vamoos keeps travel companies ahead of the curve throughout the customer journey.



Before the trip 

Vamoos Countdown – a personalised countdown to departure – generates major excitement weeks or even months before they set off. As Beth, our Business Development Manager, tells us ‘It’s something that just can’t be captured with a single confirmation email, that feeling that somebody will get’. 

And gorgeous, image-led itineraries built using Vamoos StoryBoard are also a great way to get clients buzzing. Not only that, but the level of detail and information you can put in the itinerary, coupled with breathtaking destination images, makes it a great way to ‘set yourself apart from the OTAs’.


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During the trip

With Vamoos Documents, everything is stored in one place, that’s available offline 24/7. ‘It moves the responsibility of gathering everything away from the traveller’, Beth tells us, which is an easy way to take the stress out of travelling. 

Next, we look at Beth’s favourite feature, Vamoos’ live flight updates – it’s a great way to ‘instil confidence when flying’. It takes away airport panic by automatically pushing updates to clients when anything changes. Gate numbers, flight info, delays, baggage updates: it’s all taken care of. 

Vamoos’ Points of Interest feature empowers you to share your expert location knowledge with clients in an interactive way, with a live map they can follow in-app. It gives you something that ‘the OTAs aren’t going to have’ says Beth, ‘that real, real expert knowledge’. 

The next on-trip feature is GPX Tracks. It allows you to plot your client’s unique route onto a map that they can follow in real-time. ‘It’s especially great for adventurers and hiking enthusiasts’, says Beth, but it’s also perfect for offering guided city tours to your clients virtually. 

Last but not least of the on-trip features, our live messaging and notifications systems are the ultimate way to outshine OTAs during a client’s holiday. You can even schedule notifications based on either time or location using GPS.


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After the trip

With Vamoos, clients post photos and share stories on their trip, but they’re actually building a photo book without knowing it. Vamoos takes these posts and photos and turns them real into ‘a bound book complete with your logo and branding’. 

The final feature we’re looking at is designed specifically to boost your rebooking rates. Vamoos’ Inspirations are digital brochures that ‘showcase the other destinations and trips that you have on offer’. While clients are still giddy with excitement, ‘it’s a great time to send those things through’ says Beth.


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So, there you have it – using Vamoos takes the advantages you already have over OTAs and multiples them into the digital space in a way that tech-savvy clients adore. To find out more about this directly from our travel company clients, you download the full content piece here.

If you like to see how Vamoos cab be tailored to suit the specific needs of you and your clients, and what applications it has in your specific area of travel, you can book a meeting with Beth at a time that suits you right here.


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