September 15, 2022

If you were too busy booking golfers on trips to catch the International Association of Golf Tour Operators’ (IAGTO) webinar – great! We’re glad business is booming. But what if you could book and manage even more golf trips in less time while actually improving your guest experience, all using just one app? It’d be an easy hole-in-one, right? Well with Vamoos, you can! But don’t take our word for it – IAGTO are the real experts on golf travel. Here are the key takeaways from their webinar on how the Vamoos app is acing golf trips for tour operators across the globe. Got time to watch the webinar in full? Ace!



Why Vamoos?

Just like the world’s most famous golf courses, Vamoos will wow your clients from start to finish. You can engage with clients from the moment they book, throughout their trip, and when they get back, enhancing the trip at every turn. It’s like playing golf with the ultimate caddy in your corner. 

Research & Book

Before clients even download the app, the Vamoos experience begins. Thanks to the easy-to-use, web-based quotation tool, you can integrate your client’s trip at the earliest possible interaction. Just like the app, the tool is fully customisable, allowing you to upload stunning visuals and build your brand from the offset. 

Anticipate & Enjoy

From the client-favourite countdown clock to personalised itineraries complete with your own breathtaking imagery, Vamoos subtly creates excitement in a way that emails and texts simply can’t. You can even upload your client’s documentation into handy folders that they can access offline, making that classic pre-trip panic a thing of the past.

Even as your clients make their way through the airport, heads filled with dreams of smashing a driver 300 yards, Vamoos will keep them on course. With notifications for live flight info, bag drop zones, and boarding gates, the Vamoos app is basically a ‘departure board in your pocket’. 

Thanks to Vamoos’ Connect feature, golfers can access detailed hotel information at the touch of a button. Better yet, it’s automatically updated by the property, leaving you with one less thing to worry about. And when it comes to local information, Vamoos elevates your game further still with customisable maps. You can add personalised points of interest to the map for each booking, allowing you to share your expert knowledge and give your clients a real local experience. It’s that little restaurant that no one knows about that they’ll remember!

Naturally, communication between operator and client is vital to the success of any trip, especially with the added organisation that comes with golf. Tee times, rental club bookings, transport details: you can store it all in-app for clients to access, even offline. And when you need to reach them, you have the option of sending push notifications that you can also set for a certain time or location, as well as direct in-app messaging. Don’t worry, you get to choose whether or not they can message you back. 

Reflect & Rebook

We want clients to not only think about how much fun their trip was but, most importantly, when they are going to book another one. With an in-app trip journal that your clients can customise, and room for you to upload brochures to inspire another booking, Vamoos can add value long after touchdown at home. You can even use it to capture specific feedback and improve your guest experience further. 

But wait, what do real tour operators think? 

Next, we heard from John Hunter from Rockstar Golf Tours. As an IAGTO tour operator with a wealth of experience in high-end golf trips, John really knows how to impress his clients. Here’s a summary of what he had to say.

Rockstar Golf Tours has been using Vamoos for six months and has noticed that some features have been a real difference-maker for guests. By uploading stunning custom imagery, they’re to capture the essence of the world-class golf courses they book in-app and really do them justice. That’s not something that’s easy to do, but it’s key to building client excitement pre-trip. Vamoos also helps Rockstar keep up with demanding clients’ ever-evolving trips. They can add and remove new venues, courses, and itineraries in seconds, so things don’t get overly complicated. Overall, “It’s really been a big hit” for John and his team. 

Of course, Rockstar Golf Tours aren’t the only operator to revolutionise their guest experience with Vamoos. Click here to read the success story of GolfTraveller and hear first-hand how the Vamoos app has worked for them. 

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