September 21, 2022

With properties in over 100 countries, you’ve been asking us for one full, seamless language experience for your clients. So we are launching a multilingual feature, to excite your guests even more with all property information in their native language.

The Vamoos App is now available in French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Danish and Norwegian.


ALL Hotel Information in Your Guests’ Language
Vamoos’ multilingual feature lets your guests use your hotel app entirely in their native language. By selecting the languages you want to use and then adding your own information on top, you can provide everything from the app menu and icons to the room guides and activities in the languages you choose.

Available in Multiple Languages Simultaneously

You can set your app to be available in all 7 languages, so that different guests can be using the different versions of the app, all at once.

It’s A One Time Job
Vamoos’ multilingual feature just needs to be set up once, and then the details of the app will be available in that language going forwards.

Need Help?

Get in touch with our team if you need help with this transition.

Or click here to view our handy user guide.


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