August 11, 2021

Sometimes it’s cool to be old school. But when it comes to guest communication, it’s very much not. That’s why you don’t see so many carrier pigeons in hotel lobbies these days. And the next step in hotel communications is digital messaging and notifications. Watch our recorded replay below:



Give Guests What They Want
You want to make life easier for your guests. And giving them the ability to message you from wherever they might be in your hotel with Vamoos is what they want.

“Most guests prefer to use the messaging in the app because it is more convenient,” said Sinnu Mohamed from LTI Maafushivaru Maldives at a recent event on the future of guest comms. “They can sit by the poolside and still make their dinner reservation.”


Benefit Any Property Type
It’s not just hotels where messaging and notifications work wonders. It can make a huge impact in the short-term rental market too because all of a sudden you have an easy direct line of communication to guests.

Brilliance Belize managing director Nick Scavone said: “With Vamoos I can artfully inject the personality of Belize into their stay.” Because communication through Vamoos is instant and updates are real-time, guests can always get the best advice.

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Retain Personal Touch
It doesn’t get much more personal than messaging. It’s how we communicate every day with family and friends.

“Chat is the easiest form of messaging, it keeps people in touch,” said Vamoos CEO Alisdair Luxmoore. “It’s not about removing the personal communication, but making sure it’s really high value.”

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